Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Unsticking the Stuck and The Road Less Traveled

I've been trying to push my boundaries and try new things. There was a time that I was quite fearless, but comfort seems to have softened that edge. Don't get me wrong! There's a goodness to that comes with softening, but I think that a certain amount of courage is needed to live with enthusiasm.

One of the things I've been doing is leaving the house. Every day I go for a walk, long or short, something to get me out into the world. Today I saw this sign.

I have seen the sign before, but today I decided to go down that road. This, by the way, is the road...

It is a road in the very loosest sense, it is a way, but I followed it nonetheless.

Every so often the trees to the sides would clear, showing off views of the surrounding farm land.

Wildflowers sprouted here and there in a showy display.

I even found what I believe to be an honest to goodness faerie house.

It was beautiful and quiet (except for my terrible singing). The temperature was perfect. The breeze made the greenery dance.

And before I knew it, I had reached the end of the road.

As with all of the other things I've pushed myself to do, the road less traveled wasn't that scary.

That path even gave up a few nice surprises to think about on the comfortable road back home.


  1. Beautiful photographs...and a well written post.

  2. what a beautiful walk, thank you for the photos

  3. The unassumed road had a lot of interesting things to see. I especially liked the fairy house festooned with fungi and a carpet of tiny green sprouts just inside the doorway. Thank you for showing us just how pretty an unassumed road can be.

  4. charming!! loved going on this walk with you. The day sure was spectacular. I've never seen a faerie house like that. xo

  5. please, invite me on more of your walks! I believe that faery house was meant for you to discover and turn into a magical enchanted spot!

  6. I do think you found a fairy house on the road less traveled! Sweet surorise!

  7. What a great walk. I am glad indeed that you took the road less traveled!

  8. Nichola. . .

    This is such a wonderful and personal post. "Unassumed Road" (ha, spell check tells me unassumed is not spelled right so now I know it's a magical thing!) is now one of my favorite phrases and I may borrow it for one of my short stories. :)

    I think the passing of years brings about a certain sense of stillness in most of us. If I painted a picture of my life, It might seem fearless. . . starting businesses, moving 3000 miles from home, leaping into multimedia performance shows, etc etc. . . and risks of the heart. But in truth, none of what I do now was possible in that flurry of years where I was game for anything and always go go go!

    For me, I realize that much of the extrovert I was, was in truth just a way to avoid the inner depths. Or in my case, the truth of what I wanted most of all. Which was to be in this world I now dwell. Creatively working, exploring the landscape of the childhood that made me and putting a bit of magic (hopefully) into the world each and every day.

    Now, in my 40's, I find that a little boundary pushing is plenty. :) Just this, a walk down an unassumed road, is an adventure to be taken in fully. To be explored in depth. . . and that is something else I missed in all that youthful bravado. . .I was just skimming the surface of big, "brave" adventures and not getting the depth that was there to explore down the simple roads and turns of a page.

    Your walk is a journey into that depth, the way you see each little magical aspect. Finding a true fairy house, the last days of summer flowers, the warmth and magic of sunlight.

    THAT'S the ideal of courage to me now. To explore a few, essential things deeply. The realm of Faery, family, imagination . . .

    Thank you for sharing this peek into your thoughts and your inner world Nichola. . . it made my day!


    1. You are entirely too sweet Nicholas. Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things so often. I never seem to say that enough.

      I totally hear you on the frenzy of youth, and I'm sure a return to those days would do me in! But I've swung so far the other way, and that too is dangerous territory. So, breaking little boundries it is! It'll do me good.

      We should start a list of 'wrongly spell-checked words' because I am certain that there is magic in them!

  9. Such a lovely place you have found and now you know you can go down there anytime, not scary at all. Thank you sharing that walk with us. Let's do it again sometime soon.

  10. What a wonderful journey you went on and so beautiful. I really believe you were intended to find the fairy home and that it was waiting for you to discover at the right moment in your life. Strange how the non believer's would just see a whole in the trunk with fungi growing on it and those us sense a special home for the fairies around us. Someday I need to tell you my experience with fairies on a Christmas morning. Where is your next adventure going to take share.

    1. Oooh! I'd love to hear your Christmas morning experience! I have three real and true fairy stories from living here that I really should share sometime. One day. When the time is right <3