Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 15 - Not at all Christmassy Leonard Cohen ATC's

These aren't exactly holiday themed but let's face it, not everyone is into happy ho ho ho seasonal sort of things AND it's awfully nice to give something that can be enjoyed beyond the holidays. 

I wanted to include a little handmade something in a package to an old friend. Nothing big, just a little something sort of sentimental.

That's the funny thing about little things - their ability to hold an awful lot of sentimentality.

I made these on the backs of playing cards that just happened to be the size of ATC's.

The quotes are all from Leonard Cohen songs or poems.

I suppose that while they may not LOOK Christmassy, they are filled with the spirit of the season. Sprinkled with care and given with love.


  1. bel hommage à L. Cohen

  2. Now these I really really like! Specially the " I dreamed about you baby....." one. Good to bring Leonard into Christmas in this the year of his death!

  3. Cohen's early stuff went back to my teens, when I had no family and was often looking for a place to live. He sang what I could never allow myself to say. As we both got older he continued to sing or write what was in my heart. The last time I heard him was on television, when he sang the full version of Hallelujah. It went on forever and I couldn't speak until the next morning. His music and poetry moved me like no one else could. He died in his time but I miss him like an old friend.

  4. Love that you did Leonard Cohen art pieces - I love his poetry and music, and am still sad about his passing. Lovely tribute.

  5. That's a lot of art packed onto playing cards!!! Leonard indeed was a wonderful poet, his words were an art form. He will be remembered with great fondness.

  6. These are beyond wonderful. They kind of make my throat hurt and my eyes sting. Sometimes things are Christmas even when they aren't. Love these. What a lucky friend to get such a gift.

  7. These are awesome! Do you ever swap your ATC's? Would you like to make a themed private swap?