Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 16 - Altered Jolly Blocks

An outstanding box chocked full of stuff arrived in the mail just the other day. It was from one of my craftster buddies. Cross my heart, some of the most generous people I know are crafters. ANYWAY, one of the really cool things inside the box were some old building blocks that I set to work on right away.

They're just a fun decorative thing, but I really like how jolly and cheery they are.

I had some of last year's Claus & Co. from Simple Stories in my stash so used mostly that.

They feel fun and festive and bright to me. Just the sort of thing you want to catch a glimpse of while swearing at the wrapping paper or getting stressed about the messy floors. 

I mean, who needs clean floors when you've got sweet blocks?! 

"Don't mind the crumbs and fur on the floor, look at these cute things!" *toss a block at your guest*

See! Floor problems solved.


  1. Cute - I can see them tumbled casually on a mantle, around some festive greenery.

  2. They are cute.... I love that paper also great floor solution..tee hee

  3. Swearing at the wrapping paper huh... personally I swear at the decorations in general. I remember taking my mothers tree out of the box one year ( circa 1970s ) and finding ornaments and some lighting still attached. I am telling ya what it just isn't Christmas decorating without a bit of sailor talk. Lol! I love those blocks! Love that retro-y feeling that Simple Stories paper has. I actually have some of what you used in my stash and now I think I should get them out and stick them to something. Possibly my forehead kind of like a holiday Liars Poker...heh