Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day 17 - Gnome Shaker Ornaments

A week ago I promiced a second set of these shaker ornaments, and here they are. This time they're filled with gnomes!

And I'll have to keep this post short and sweet because I currently have no home internet and my tablet is not a fan of working.

I'm an oldie and remember the days before the internet... but seriously, how did we get anything done?!??


  1. I never got this newsletter bloggie thing until today. What's up with that? It must be the Bad Mail Krampus playing tricks.
    I love these gnomes. I need Dresden stuff!
    These are wonderful!

  2. Nichola! i just love these gnome shakers! Do you need my address! heehee
    You are amazing! you busy elf you!