Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 18 - Even MORE Rusted Tart Tins

I must have been half out of my mind when I made those rusty tart tins last year because it seems I have a never ending supply of them! Here's yet ANOTHER project using those metal bits...

I've simply affixed the tins atop wooden bits like this 3 Inch Tall Candlestick Holder and this Candlestick Holder. A bit of moss, acorns, glittery faux snow and inexpensive spun cotton mushrooms and you're done!

I did add these Memo Pins too, thinking that a little photo or sentiment would be a mighty adorable addition. I think these would be excellent as name/place holders! 

But they work just as well to hold paper birds and butterflies in place.

How are you holding up? 

I'm probably buried under a pile of laundry or cookies right this minute.

Deep breaths. We got this!


  1. woot! Rusty stuff! These are adorable! those little schroomies will always sell me on nearly anything and these are sweet. They make me think of little bird baths lol I love them

  2. Fantastical and oh so magical!! I only have the deeper tart tins, suppose I would have to pad the bottom,hmmmm...
    Not this year! still need to frost my butterforms , then package up and send out to my sons, but phew- these old legs are taking a beating this year!! Thanks for keeping it so festive for all of us, here and on FB! You make me giggle everyday! thank you! xx