Monday, December 05, 2016

Day 5 - Tomte Christmas Gnomes

I made a batch of these fellows last year and I loved them so much I wanted to make them once again. This year they are quite a bit smaller (but just as cute).

Tomte are Scandinavian creatures associated with yuletide. They are delightfully gnomish and since I collect gnomes I love them dearly.

They are cute as buttons and making them is a lot of fun. Their personalities just seem to pop out as soon as those white whiskers are put into place.

Tomte, elves and sugar plum fairies... is it any wonder I adore Christmastime?!


  1. Oh My Goodness! These are adorable!

  2. I remember him from last year! I love these gnomely guys and those noses lol!

  3. I just noticed the pinecone charm hanging from his hat. He
    must be the head gnome lol

  4. I saw these "pop up" for just a moment a few days ago, like the Tomte tend to, and then vanish. . . and I have been waiting for them since! So cute!! You're making Christmas a little brighter each and every day Nichola!

  5. Lordy, Lordy they are so cute!! Thought I would see a video but no. Some secrets are not meant to be shared!!
    Sandy xx