Friday, December 09, 2016

Day 9 - A Winter Cottage

Look at the glistening snow! Aww, it's all melted now, but I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that it will return soon and that we'll have a proper white Christmas this year.

This itty bitty was made (mostly) with the  Chipboard House Ornament Kit from last month.

The house itself measures just 2-3/4" tall, 2-1/2". It's itty!

My favourite part of this little doodad is the tuft of raw wool smoke coming out of the chimney. Can't you just smell the wood fire?!

Hope you're dandy. Big love to you.


  1. Adorable - it looks cozy. I wish I were a pixie, I would live there!

  2. I my gosh....I absolutely love that itty bitty house.
    It's perfect!
    I must learn how to make one.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  3. Home is where the Holidays are! I am pretty partial to that wool smoke myself! That little picket fence is pretty dang nice also in fact the whole thing is as cute as a bugs eyebrow.

  4. I am moving in tomorrow!
    Sandy xx

  5. I am heart broken - these little houses are sold out - oh woe is me.
    sandy xx

  6. So delightful! As you know I am a complete fool for tiny houses and that one is a little dreamer for certain! Fairy magic must abound in there!! :)

  7. Love it! But I'm afraid all my junk wouldn't fit!