Thursday, February 09, 2017

Being bratty, exceptions, and mossy stumps

I don't do commissions. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Commissions, in general, suck the fun out of making. Maybe it's the pressure to please. Maybe it's my inner brat refusing to enjoy anything that I am forced to do. Like every book I HAD to read in high-school, it doesn't matter how enjoyable it actually is, the 'must' ruins it.

But there are exceptions.

These stumps loitering my mantle, for example. Most will become homes for tiny porcelain fairies made by my friends at

The remainder will sit in my studio until brillance strikes and I have my way with them!

What sort of mischief or magic do you think could take place inside little mossy stump?


  1. Mousies and moles dance in places like that. These are absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Absolutely magical! And I completely agree with you about commissions. ;)

  3. I detest 'hafta doos'
    But I love you and what you doo more and more each blogger post. The Good Folk must love you dearly lol!

  4. Beautiful use of wood bark !

  5. Gorgeous! A mole and a mouse, of course.

  6. Oh my these are gorgeous! I have a bunch of the same kind of barky parts and pieces both in my studio and outside waiting patiently for me to do some things with them. (Before they fall apart or get inhabited by their next tenants of course...) You are such a lovely inspiration!! xoxo

  7. Wow, this so cool. I have a four fairies that I wanted to make a home for; so far I made one. I still have three homeless fairies. I supposed several could live in one, but I made the home so small that only one fits. I like the tree stump idea, might be able to fit the rest of my fairies.