Friday, February 03, 2017

Lover's Eye Shadow Box

This month for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts I've created something mystical and sort of romantic: a lover's eye shadow box.

I started with Gypsy Soul's Deco Front Shadowbox as the base, and added wings from the Wings Assortment to the top of the framed area.

I've always been fascinated with miniature 'lover's eye' paintings and so, with it being so close to Valentine's Day, decided to add my own to this piece. I painted an eye on a small piece of thick watercolour paper, placed it in a watch hob, then surrounded it with rhinestones.

Lover's eye paintings were popular during the late 1700s and early 1800s. The first such painting was exchanged between the Prince of Wales and a widowed commoner. They were tiny, discreet tokens, intimate portraits to give to ones lover. I won't tell you whose eye this is...

Inside I've placed replicas 15th century Visconti-Sforza tarot cards, The Empress and Death. The Empress is one of my favourite cards, representing not only feminity, but wisdom and creation. And Death isn't such a bad fellow. He might mark some sort of ending or conclusion which makes way for positive change. 

I've added a little number 7 at the bottom. Seven symbolizes perfection and unity... and it's lucky!

Some Victorian Corners painted copper and topped with flat back pearls complete the piece. Pearls represent wisdom and luck... both things we could all do with in matters of love.

If you'd like to make your own, I have a walk through available HERE
Flat back pearls


  1. This is just gorgeous! Even thought I have seen photos here and there of lover's eye art I never knew what it was until today. I am fascinated also! I also love steampunk and this has that feel to it. I am definitely going to have to scrounge around and see what I have to play with. I definitely have Tarot cards up the wazoo and a printer with brand new ink yay me!
    As always thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas and your time.
    I am pumped that there is a tute and I want you to know yours are the ones I save.

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking I might make more pink gothic steampunish things. I'm a sucker for mixing things together that usually should not.

  2. What a beautiful and interesting piece of art you have created. And not only beautiful but educational too. Love that you told us what each of the items represent. I never knew any of this, and I do appreciate that you shared not only your art, but also your knowledge with us.

  3. Goth and Steampunk are just grand! But all I got was the Hippie generation damn it. I would have done Goth so well too haha