Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cimaruta Charm Bouquet

I've mentioned the cimaruta charm before. It is an Italian folk charm whose main purpose is to ward off the evil eye. Generally, it is a silver charm comprised of a sprig or rue with magical symbols attached. Below is the most common version of the charm you will come across. Available HERE)

The illustration upon which this is based appeared in print around 1888. It incorporates a Christian symbol, the fiery heart, and therefor considered a late example. Earlier cimaruta include an array of symbols for both protection, and as representation of a variety of goddesses.

I've always been attracted to this charm and with a lush rue plant sitting in the herb garden I thought I'd create my own version.

My cimaruta includes a star, a four leaf clover, a Mano Fico, a moon, and key

It may not be a typical cimaruta, but I think it's a rather pretty and cheerful sort of protective charm.

I've tied everything together with a pretty pink ribbon, and will hang it on my front door to protect from the evil eye and untoward ill intentions.

It's raining today and with a sweep, and a smudge, and this on my door... well it seems a grand way to clear away misery, wash away bad mojo, and ward off general ickiness.

I think there are loads of possibilities here. Combine bundles herbs, colored ribbon and symbols to suit your needs.

And hey, if you create something pretty in the process? Woo hoo! I'm sure prettiness can add to magical potency.


  1. Beautiful. No ill wind would dare blow past your door with that powerful lovely protecting it. I'd never heard that term "cimaruta", but have made protection wreaths and bundles before. I have always found Rosemary to be a hard working herb for protection wreaths. Rosemary tea with honey can lift a depressed spirit, too. It's my go-to herb for many things, and a giving plant in the garden.

  2. Rue, Called by Christian practitioner the "herb of Grace", is the badge of my Scottish Clan. May I add a caution that rue's milky sap is known to cause a rash in some people. It's pungent, medicinal odor was used as a flea-bane (flea repellent)in medieval days. In Scotland, rue is grown around a dwelling or barn to keep evil at bay.

  3. Any bad luck bugaboos will rue the day they crossed your doorstep with evil intentions. That is a very pretty and magical looking charm. ��

  4. just what I needed, just when I needed it. Thank you :)

  5. Hey
    Those pictures are so beautiful. I will buy one soon. Having this at the door step will not only protect the house but also increase the beauty. I have never heard the term that has been used in the post. I always thought having a wreath is too much work, but having seen this i dont anymore.
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  6. The live garden cimaruta is SO unique and will lend protection to the entire household and it inhabitants. I love them so much that I started making cimaruta pendants in the Peruzzi/Coppini style. Love the Italian folklore!