Friday, July 14, 2017

Mutha Effin' Unicorn Sparkles

I was in Dollar Tree the other week and saw a package of unicorn stickers. Naturally, I bought them and added them to my growing unicorn 'stuff' collection.

I've never actually been a huge fan of unicorns. I didn't DISlike them, but... well... meh.

Throughout my terrible funk (which seems to be lifting, thank the gods!) unicorns have been a bit of a bright spot. Dorky, sparkling, tacky unicorns have continually popped up and given me a cheery poke.

So yeah, this little box is terrible and tacky and could have been made by a 7 year old* but by god it's a happy sparking little thing and making it was fun.

I am now, proudly, 100% team sparkle unicorn.

*this is in no way an insult to 7 year old's who happen to have the very best imagination and ideas of anyone.


  1. You have Dollar Trees's? I guess they are not just in the USA.
    Glad your "funk" is lifting. Now what to do with mine.
    Wishing you sparkling JOY.

  2. Darlin', I'm WELL past 60, and I am proud to say that Sparkly Unicorns are fraking awesome. And that little glittery box you made is pure magic.

  3. I am very meh about unicorns and rainbow stuff for that matter. Thank gawd my daughter never got into them. However I Love love LOVE Sparklecorns! The sparkelier and tackier the better so I love that Sparklecorn box with every bit of my 61 going on 7 heart!

  4. Nichola, you made me smile and even lol! I also have been in a terrible way- another story, another time...
    Thanks for the morning sparkles that have just lifted my day! hugs,Jackie

  5. Embrace your inner sparkle! I ❤ your glittery, tinsel-wrapped creation that embodies all the sweet, grade-one girlishness all we women have buried deep inside... Thank you for sharing 😍