Friday, February 09, 2018

Sentimental Matchboxes, A Lovers Memento Revisited

A number of years ago I posted about the creative process. I used a tiny project chocked full of creative ideas and inspiration. It remains one of my favourite projects and posts. You can visit the original post here: A Lovers Memento: A Romantic How To 

I decided to revisit the project. It sort of niggles at my mind every year as Valentines Day approaches, and I wanted to create a video version for YouTube.

They're special little things because they hold a lot within a small space. They're full of creative thinking and spirit, they're sentimental and thoughtful, and although they require a bit of heart and time, they don't require a lot of money or materials.

They are basically tiny boxed treasures that tell a story. This box for example...

Those matches ensure that the fire always burns. Buttons, as nearly everyone knows, are brimming with magic... and this is especially true when they're from a lover! And I am certain that bark was tucked into a pocket after carving initials upon a tree trunk (which you should not do, but people didn't always know better.)

Perhaps your love is to the moon and back! It requires golden wings to fly to the stars. That love might be so strong is that the hands of time stand still for it.

Maybe your love is bound by magic, secured with a length of red thread. Kept safe with a vial of passion, devotion and sweetness. And just to make sure it's never lost, a compass ensures you'll always find your way back home.

Perhaps it's not romantic love at all that fills your matchbox, but a spirit of stardust, the wonder of a snail shell, and a heart that is as strong and fragile as an eggshell.

All at once fairy tales and truths. Funny how that happens.

I'm still a little unwell. I'm hoping to sleep straight through Valentines Day and wake up on the side of it with a box of discounted chocolate that will ruin my diet. Diets are meant to be ruined occasionally.

Go make something wonderful for yourself.