Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Fortune Tellers Wagon

This piece has been sitting on my work table, unfinished, wheelless, for about a year. And while I misplaced the original wheels and the door, it's a small miracle more bits didn't disappear!

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

The base of the piece is the Bathing Machine from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts (also available from Alpha Stamps if you're outside of the US). It's nice thick chipboard and the kit is pretty easy to assemble. 

(Note: the original wheels are larger than the replacement ones I've used)

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

Because I'm slightly more interested in fortune telling than Victorian changing habits at the beach, I've made my wagon into a tiny 'seer' caravan.

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

I've used Graphic 45's Couture to embellish this beauty. Doweling, dresden and window boxes have been added.

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

The roof has been covered with natural bark, with a sprinkling of miniature terrain moss and a pink of Flower Soft.

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

The little poster is a graphic from

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

And there is an inside! I've left the roof removable for easy viewing.

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

A fortune tellers delight! Tea leaves, a marble crystal ball, and tiny tarot cards!

Fortune Teller's Wagon -

Here is the list of most of the bits I've used on this piece. It's really just a hodge podge of stash so some of the supplies might no longer be available.

Bathing Machine
Gypsy poster graphic from
Couture papers from Graphic 45
Small Antique 3D Gold Crowns
Miniature candlestick
Simple Cups & Saucers Set
Wire Chair
Wooden Stir Sticks
Drinking Straw
Miniature Terrain Moss
Flower Soft
Wooden doweling
Bead caps
3mm Brass Flat-Back Studs
Half Scale Cocktail Shaker
Faux Metal Number Plates 1 to 25
Baroque Dresden Borders - Black
Thin Looped Dresden Borders - Black
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Black
Carpet Runner Bookmark (used for rug inside)

I do have a few sets of miniature tarot cards available HERE. These are slightly larger than the ones I used in this piece, but take a gander if you're in a pinch.

And if you just want to buy the whole thing... the wagon is available HERE.


  1. Ok, need I say that this is STUNNING??? Holy Fortunes! It's amazing Nichola. :) Just above and beyond magical!

    And, I somehow know you would not be surprised to know that I've had my own, smaller scale, fortune tellers cart scene on the work table for about 7 months now myself. lol Now I am inspired and will make every effort to complete it in the coming weeks!

    Truly beautiful work as always!

  2. The finish of the wagon is very moody and mysterious!

  3. Love the way you've transformed that bathing wagon into something (ahem) interesting LOL.
    I am fairly agog at the way you've created that roof - it's so real looking! I mean, I realize it's 'real' stuff, but it looks like a real old roof LOL.
    I hope somebody snaps that up before I think about it too long, because I really don't have a place for it LOL.
    Great work!

  4. Just lovely..and so much fun. Such detail 💙

  5. Oh wow, this is spectacular! I am going to have to order that thing - it turned out so wonderful. The little window box! And the poster! Awesome job!

  6. This is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  7. That is so sweet! I love all the little details.