Friday, December 07, 2018

The Magic Hut

This is the last of my little fairy stump cottages. A wee herb hut filled with magical items for a cunning little person. (I use the term cunning here as in 'one who knows', not as one who is sly).

Fairy Magic Hut

I'm sort of in love with the signage on this one.

Fairy Magic Hut

And this little places does indeed have it all! Crystal balls, incense, tarot cards, a besom, true love herbs, books and scrolls and more!

Fairy Magic Hut

I sort of like that this place has items that are both light and grim. I mean that's what fairies are all about. Fairies aren't all light and love, they're mischievous and magic too.

Fairy Magic Hut

The Magic Hut is listed HERE.

Have you ever encountered fairy mischief or magic? I've been quite lucky to be on the good side of the fair folk... although they do love to hide things on me. 

Cheeky wee things.

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