Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#Craftroom tour for Graphic 45

When people come to visit my studio, I show off the space that holds my finished pieces and where I do all of my computer work. I dare not show off my workspace… aka the #craftroom.

My #craftroom isn't pretty. It’s usually an absolute disaster! (I did a serious clean before these photos BTW) But it’s my disaster and within that chaos, there is some form of organization going on.

While I oogle over the pristine, perfectly organized, beautiful studio spaces I see on Pinterest, I know they wouldn't work for me. I'm not maligning those gorgeous spaces, they absolutely work for a lot of people. However, my messy creative cocoon is exactly what I need.

So, when I was asked to share my #craftroom, I started to think about my space and why it works for me. Perhaps some of these creative chaos tips will work for someone else too.

Hidden behind this amazing quilt I have a whole bunch of bins. I like using bins because I can grab them when I need something, and toss stuff in them when I’m done. Easy peasy!

I organize the bins in a way that makes sense to me, storing items I often use at the same time together.

These stamp pads are stored with embossing powders, next to rubber stamps. I often use those items together, so it make sense to keep them together.

My main work surface is a kitchen table. It’s big and I’m fortunate to have enough space for it. On top, I keep things I use most often. All of the tools, brushes, tape, glue, and paint I use regularly are within arms reach. I have a bazillion paint colours, but only a dozen or so are by my side. Same goes for glue. I might have a glue for every purpose, but only those three I use all the time are ready to go the moment inspiration strikes.

This goes for paper too. I have a vintage record holder that I use to store papers that I’m using or will be using soon.

One thing that really keeps me organized is storing papers in the celophane bags they arrive in. I unseal the bag from the bottom rather than ripping them open from the top. When I've finished a project, I can tuck any scraps and extra fussy cut bits inside, and reseal the bag.

My main paper storage is this vintage metal flatfile intended to keep blueprints and things like that.

It’s big enough for two rows of 3 12” pads. It’s large enough to store about 150 12” pads in all.

While I keep most of my papers sorted by collection if I only have a few papers I will organize by theme instead. For example, all Christmas or Halloween papers are kept together.

A little bonus tip: when I have a project in mind but don’t have time to get to it right away, I will gather and store the supplies I need for it in a cardboard box (or large ziplock bag) with a note/sketch. I’ve found this really, really useful when I have a sudden urge to make. Coming across an old brilliant idea with the supplies ready to go? YES PLEASE!

Besides organization, I think there are two other factors that are really important in a creative space.

Is it comfortable? Having a comfy couch is nice, but it’s more than that. Does your bum or back hurt at the end of the day? Do you have enough light so that you aren’t straining your eyes? Does it smell nice? These are things that can make a big difference in how productive you are.

Finally… are you inspired? While others might be inspired by the serenity of a white space, I love being surrounded by things made by others, things that are quirky and cool, doodads made with passion and talent.

I love being surrounded by things that make me think, feel and laugh in my crafting cocoon.

So, no, my #craftroom isn't pretty. It definitely wouldn’t work for everyone. But, I'm 100% ok with that.


  1. I love your crafting space, and your tips are excellent. I too like lots of inspiration surrounding me...I need color, and have lots of silk flowers that are surrounding me so that I always feel like I am in my garden even when it's a dull, drab Winter day. Lighting is very important too! I'm working on the "comfort". Haven't found the right seat, yet. Great post, thank you for sharing it!

    1. You know, it's funny, I just use an old wooden kitchen chair. I thought I'd be clever and add a cushion a few months ago... gave me the WORST back pain! back to the hard wooden chair. I used to work sitting on the floor but my old lady hips are kicking in.

  2. What a cool looking workspace! I love the scrapbook drawer space and the storage bins- ah me, I can only dream of being so organized.

  3. I've often thought the same about those Pinterest Perfect studios. Does anyone actually work in them? My studio is like yours - loveable! I love the small sofa, too. My space is taken up with an added table-overflow workspace. Any its gets crowded when there are more than 2 people in the room. (I like my alone time!) Thanks for sharing your wonderful space. Love it!

  4. I love this! It's cozy and yet, a great space to be productive. I love the style of it.

  5. I feel so much better about my space. It is a lot like yours.. full of stuff. I have two big boot boxes and a couple of medium ish bins full of chipboard things to make. From scale furniture to ornaments and bigger stuff like the tearoom and that two story house you made a fabulous clock out of. I would need to be 4 women or you to ever make them all. I will not let myself buy anymore.

    I have a paper fetish. I have a stamp fetish. My fetishes have fetishes.
    I use an kitchen chair bc my back will hate anything else.