Saturday, March 16, 2019

Simple Things House for AlphaStamps

While I am a HUGE fan of farting around on a project for ages and ages, and taking a zillion times longer than I should, and fiddling with a 100 different pieces and adding 14 dozen different types of embellishments... sometimes the opposite is nice.

Sometimes, I like playing with a couple of sheets of paper that already match. Let's face it, some days just aren't made for thinking too much. Some days designing and making arty farty choices is hard!

That's kind of how this wee house came around. I just sort of day dreamed as I went along.

Now, I know what you're saying, "Ummm, Nichola... you altered that Mini House Front Box for the base. That isn't exactly taking the daydreamy easy route." 

Cross my lazy heart it didn't take much to change the house box. I simply omitted the back piece, trimmed the tabs on the sides, and added a folded bit of card to make the roof.

"Ok, fine. But look at all those fiddly bits inside!"

Nah! There are only 9 fussy cut elements inside that house (and four of those are butterflies which really hardly count at all!) The elements are cut from Spring Farmhouse Simple Things Scrapbook Paper, and Spring Farmhouse 8x8 Paper Pad. The pretty vintage girl is from the Flower Girls Collage Sheet

As for the outside, I really didn't do anything. I just covered the front and sides with a sheet from the
Spring Farmhouse Pad. And used a wood look paper to for the roof. A butterfly and snipped sentiment and that's it!

(Okay, I did stamp emboss the roof a bit but it would have been just as pretty without that extra touch)

All of this blabbling to basically say that this was a lovely project to work on. The papery elements just clicked together to sort of make something really, really pretty with very little effort. If you feel like being a bit of a lazy crafter too, HERE are all the things I used to make this "Simple Things" house.

And all of the individual bits:
*Spring Farmhouse Kit - March 2019
Mini House Front Box
Spring Farmhouse 8x8 Paper Pad
Spring Farmhouse Simple Things Scrapbook Paper
Small Felt Flowers - Pink*
Flower Girls Collage Sheet
Whitewashed Wood Background Scrapbook Paper
Wider Planks Light Wood Scrapbook Paper