Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spring Wreath, Pet Peeves and Dollar Stores

I may or may not have lost my mind yesterday. You know those "5 minute craft" videos? Yeah, they sent me over the edge. One claimed that microwaving a rock for 3 minutes would create crystals. One included slicing an egg with an egg slicer as a dollar store craft. Just... no.

Dollar Store Spring Wreath -

Now, I'm usually pretty laid back (not really, but lets pretend) but those videos make me unreasonably irate. I throw my arms up, exasperated. They push all of my buttons. But yesterday... yesterday I had enough. I ranted and raved, and Mr. Pixie must have had enough of my dramatics because he insisted a trip to the dollar store was in order so that I could make an ACTUAL dollar store craft.

Dollar Store Spring Wreath -

The result, this super cute spring wreath. Everything except the button and the hot glue was from a dollar store. Total cost of supplies was around $10 but with loads of left-over moss, flowers and butterflies, enough for several projects. 

Dollar Store Spring Wreath -

I don't know if this will be a regular thing, but I wanted to do at least a couple of REALISTIC dollar store craft tutorials.

What do I mean by realistic? They will take more than 5 minutes, but definitely not all day. Items will actually be from a dollar store. That means a bit of fiddling to get things looking their best might be called for. (Have you seen the colour of dollar store moss?!) And cross my heart, I will absolutely keep budget and difficulty in mind.

Dollar Store Spring Wreath -

Here's the shopping list for this project:
• Rattan/wicker wreath
• Mini bird house
• Faux flowers
• Mushroom clip
• Paper butterflies
• Bag of moss
• Raffia

Supplies on hand:
Hot glue, white and brown acrylic paint, spray bottle and green acrylic paint, scissors

Don't fret if you can't find exactly the same items. Part of the fun (errr... challenge) of dollar store crafts is that you might need to improvise. Swap out those mushrooms for another focal item if you need to (a bird or bunny or flower?) Or, even better, figure out a way to make your own toadstools.

Dollar Store Spring Wreath -

Ready to turn those dollar store bits into a pretty spring wreath? Here's the video tutorial

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That's it my friends! Happy crafting and remember to tag me if you're inspired to make your own. It is really, really appreciated and totally encourages me to make more tutorials. Plus, I love seeing what you guys make. Cheers!