Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Crimson Suspiria ATCs

I mentioned the movie Suspiria in a recent post. As I mentioned then, it's sort of stuck with me. Funny how some things have that effect. Here's another set of cards nudged along by that particular movie, specifically the use of the colour red.

I often find that I get stuck in a colour pallet. Grey, brown, blue. It is a deliberate effort for me to make a change to my comfortable hues. This is true for my wardrobe too! But, I do love that crimson next to the gold embossing powder. Maybe I need to try playing with ALL THE COLOURS!

Anyway, here is a better look at the results of my playing.

No. 1 listed HERE

No. 2 listed HERE

No. 3 listed HERE

No. 4 listed HERE

No. 5

No. 6 listed HERE

No. 7 listed HERE

Is there anything that has ever inexplicably stuck with you? Something that pops up in your mind long after most things would subside?