Saturday, April 06, 2019

"My Love" Mini Book Box with Love Notes

Perhaps it's because I'm socially anxious and awkward, but if you met me in person I doubt you would think I was sentimental in any way. I'm much better at swearing, making jokes and laughing too loud than I am at romance.

Love? Pffft. Forget about that! I'm not very good with "I love you's" But no matter how much I protest, and how hard those words are... I am a sentimental fool underneath, with a heart of softened butter.

So I've made a charming little love thing-a-ma-bob with Love Notes Paper and a Tiny Faux Book Box.

It is a little thing but packed with love and made with pretty things.

The spine is simple and pretty with a Bronze Filigree and Antique Brass Stamped Metal Brad

Inside a little silhouette from Little Women in a brass setting with a wee little butterfly.

And you can see the sweet piano key border from Love Notes decorating the sides.

Despite the tiny size of this piece, there are three different collections used here. Love NotesLittle Women (the silhouette), and French Country (the chip tag).

Inside I've tucked in some miniature envelopes using my Miniature Vintage Mail Collage Sheet, and added my own favourite tender notes inside.

Here's the list of all the supplies I used:

Graphic 45 Products:
Love Notes 8x8 Paper Pad
Little Women 12x12 Collection Pack
Antique Brass Ornate Metal Keys
Antique Brass Stamped Metal Brads

Brass Filigree Setting

Here's to love and social awkwardness.