Monday, April 08, 2019

Grumpy Monday and Miniature Mail

I am in a mood.

It's only 1pm and it's already been such a Monday.

I didn't wake up feeling bad. No big bad thing happened. It's just one of those days when a million little things beyond your control chip away at you.

But I'm refusing to let my pants remain grumpy this afternoon. Get lost blahs! Emotional vampire knocking? Sorry, no one is home at the moment. Perhaps a bit of cleaning and clearing to kick that bad juju in the bollocks too!

Let's start right now with some jolly things to push the mood in the correct direction.

Miniature mail! This batch was made from one print out of my new Miniature Vintage Mail PDF

Personally, I think there is something rather therapeutic about sitting quietly and cutting out all those wee bits, but I understand that isn't for everyone. For those who aren't keen on fussy cutting, I've put together some little packages of PreMade Mail too.

And since I'm slinging my wares today...

There are a half dozen Spring Clean Grab Bags listed as well. They're chocked with nice things new and old and come as close to humanly possible to 100g of goodness to keep the shipping cheap, cheap, cheap. (That's not an Easter joke, that's my frugality talking.)

Monday, I hope you're done with your tomfoolerly, because I am having none of it. Here's to better things.