Monday, April 15, 2019

Playing with colour and good advice

Inspiration has struck and left me dizzied. I can't seem to focus on one idea long enough to finish before having another idea I *need* to work on. 

This collection of colourful pieces did not start out as experiments in colour but here we are.

I had made myself a sheet of vintage medallions and nice words that could be strung together into encouraging words with a specific intent. This was not that intent but I think they're rather fun and I have been in dire need of a jolt of joyous colour.

Stringing words together to produce lovely sentiments is one of my favorite activities. The results often feel like messages from the universe.

Sometimes they provide solid words advice or much needed positivity.

And while I plan on following through with my original plans, I think this colourful distraction was a valuable creative experiment.

Feel like playing too? I have a three page pdf download available HERE