Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Alchemy Coasters and Coins for AlphaStamps

AlphaStamps sent me this Alchemy 12 x 12 Pad and I have one word. SWOOOOOON! Ugh! It's the type of pad you take extra care when cutting into because there's something gorgeous on both sides of the paper.

I used that gorgeousness with elements from this months' kit: Coins, Coasters & Holders. 

I mean you wouldn't think that moons and bees would go together.... but here we are.

The coins and coasters that are the base of these pieces are super thick chipboard. If you know me, I like to beat my projects into submission so these extra thick beauties are a total treat.

Oh the lushness!

Snails, stripes, moths and numbers! A jumble of all the nicest things.

And have you heard of Artist Trading Coins? 2.5" diameter, round works of art. You know how much I love working on a small scale so I'm game for these mini arty farty things.

There are coordinating pockets, folders and 'wallets' available to match the coins and coasters. It's such a nice way to present them as a gift, to make them extra special.

Since I can't control myself and make everything extra chunky, I particularly like the pockets with extra room like this Dimensional Coin Folder.

Beautiful graphics, shiny highlights, a bit of paint and glue and you've got yourself some sweet celestial art.

Here are all the bits and pieces you'll need to create your own:

You might want to grab the Coins, Coasters & Holders Kit