Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Shamrock Chapel with Walk-through

There is a beautiful little church I visited while in Ireland, St. Finbarr's Oratory at Gougane Barra. A wee chapel situated on a bit of a jetty on a lake.

Looking at the Mausoleum Kit in my stash I was inspired by my memories of this place to create a miniature chapel of my own.

For the exterior stone texture I've used drywall compound and the Cobblestone stencil.

Tip: coat your stencil with boating wax to seal it and make it reusable!

I quite like the roof of this piece and the wee turrets that flank the two sides. For the saintly statues I simply painted some miniature figures used for railway models grey and popped them inside. That fancy bit at the front peak is the handle of a chipboard key from the Keys & Plates Shape Set. That spire is a Cabana Row House.

The windows are a stained glass image that I downloaded then printed onto a transparency sheet. Rather than cutting out individual windows, there is a piece that covers the whole windowed area. It's much easier and less fiddly and if no one is going to be peeking inside, why the heck not.

That spikey Gothic trim to the roof? I deconstructed (aka chopped up) a Gothic Border to add some vertical interest.

You can follow the process I went through making this piece with THIS video walk-though.  And here is the supply list of all the bits you'll need to create your own version.

Other supplies needed for this project:
Stained glass pattern printed on transparency
Acrylic paint
Drywall compound
Cross charm
Railway figures

Psst... Did you find a four leaf clover in those pics?