Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Christmas Magic Altoid Tin Tutorial

It did not go smoothly, but I did it! I've made a tutorial/guide for you to make your own Christmas Magic Altoid tins.

A few notes:

• Don't feel that you HAVE to use altoid style tins (or any other exact supply mentioned for that matter). The tutorial is a guide to help you along. Apply the same steps/directions to whatever you have on hand or in mind.

• For the front of the tins I printed the A Merry Little Christmas Label Download at 115% for a better fit. You can sometimes get away with printing things slightly larger without too much pixelation.

• If you don't celebrate Christmas, you can 100% make one of these themed to your own preferred seasonal holiday, or even fill with non-seasonal things you love!

• Don't worry about filling every last little nook with a labeled glass vial. It looks great, but it's absolutely ok to pad out the space with other items

• Don't pack the vials too tightly. These small glass vials break easily PLEASE USE CAUTION.

• Consider gluing the stoppers in place, especially when filling with glitter.

• Don't like something? Want to try something different? TRY ALL THE THINGS!!!! Change everything if you like! Make it your own!

Here's the list of supplies I used for the actual tin part:

• blank Altoid style tins
A Merry Little Christmas Label Download
A Very Vintage Christmas Download

• old paper
• glue (mod podge, crazy glue, white glue, hot glue, glue stick)
• thick card
• acrylic paint (white and yellow ocher)
• ink stamp pads
• scrapbook paper (I used a red patterned paper from Graphic 45's Communique collection)
• ribbon
• fake snow (aka buffalo snow)
• gold dresden trims
• acrylic snowflake

Here's a list of fillers and suggested fillers:
• assorted small vials/jars
• tinsel
• glitter
• sequins
• fake snow
• little bottle brush/sisal trees
• holly, mistletoe (crush up some bay leaves and no one will be the wiser)
• pine needles
• small acorns, pinecones
Fairy Sized Christmas Cards
• letter from Santa
• chocolates/sweets
• charms
• buttons
• thimbles
• coins
• rolled up $
• scroll of 'nice list' names
• miniatures of every sort!
• bells
• coal
• stickers
• tiny wrapped presents
... whatever you can dream up and squish inside!

Ok, so are you ready to make a lovely jumbled Christmas tin of joy the video tute is below?! Or off you pop directly to youtube.

If you're quick... the vid might not be done processing yet. Check back in a few minutes.