Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hot Chocolate, Baby

I said I was going to post some gift ideas for the "A Merry Little Christmas" label download I posted the other week. Today I'm sharing the first of those sweet little ideas.

I'm using some of the square 'Holiday Magic' labels for hot chocolate garnishes. I bought some inexpensive spice jars and filled them with crushed up candy canes and a homemade sugar/cinnamon spice blend.

Glue the appropriate labels to the front and they look pretty snazzy!

I'll package these up with a tiny spoon, an over-sized mug, and some packages of hot chocolate.

My kid is a hot chocolate fiend and I'm sure he'll love these 'fancy' toppings. 

Don't like hot chocolate? Never fear! You could make a similar set for tea or coffee drinkers. Swap out the mug and spoon for some cookie cutters for your favourite baker, and gift them baking blends or cookie toppings. I'd love to hear YOUR ideas, and what YOU come up with for the nice people on your list.

The "A Merry Little Christmas" sheet is available HERE and I'll be sharing more gift ideas and projects using it over the next few weeks.