Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Merry Little Christmas Labels

While I am worried about jinxing myself, I gotta say, I'm killing the holiday crafting this year! I feel really good about where I'm at and what I've made so far. The past couple of days have been spent on this plethora of tiny jars and vials.

These are going to make great stocking stuffers, baubles and trinkets! 

I made a collage sheet with LOADS of holiday themed labels and I'm really, really pleased with them. There's everything from tinsel, peppermint and North Pole snow to holiday magic and lumps of coal.

I'll be showing off projects created with this sheet over the next few weeks and if you'd like to play along it's available HERE.

And, because I never know what size I'll need, this is a two sheet download. There's a sheet with the original 'large' version of labels and a second sheet with the same designs scaled down to three smaller sizes.

I'm feeling really good about these little simple projects and I think you're going to like them too. So, keep your eyes peeled for wee glass vials and vessels, and come kick holiday ass along with me!