Saturday, February 01, 2020

Love Fairy Stamps

While I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day (seriously, just love me all the damn time) these little love fairies sprung off of my work table yesterday.

I made a set of six using chipboard Postage Stamp Blanks as a base. I simply painted them white, then applied a slip of coloured music paper for the background.

The fabulous femmes are from my Petite Ladies Collage Sheet and I've given them all Transparent Bee Wings to fairy-fy them.

The little glittery hearts are snipped from paper and then given a healthy application of glitter.

I'm tickled with how this sweet little lady looks like she's going to slap someone with a face full of love.

"Hey! You! Love someone damn it!"

I'd like to think they're slightly insane, shoving love all over the place, often in places it doesn't belong. Let's be honest, love is nuts and this would explain soooo much.

Here's the list o' supplies should you want to make your own:

Old paper/music sheets
Acrylic Paint
Paper hearts
Foam adhesive squares