Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shabby Cubby

Back from a beautiful few days in Cuba and set to work right away. I finished up this little cubby I began transforming before I left.

It started out as a chunky wooden box from the Dollar Tree.

I began by staining the box with acrylic paint washes and yanked off those chunky round handles. Once prepped I covered the box with Worn Wallpaper from Tim Holtz. I popped on some metal medallion handles and metal angel feet. I've also added some ornate metal corners from Graphic 45.

Inside I've added all sorts of sweet vintage-y bits. Some of the items inside are new but feel vintage (the doll, story stick, lace) and some are actual vintage items like the spools, ticket and photograph.

Speaking of that doll... I picked up a slew of those Tim Holtz 'Salvaged Dolls' at a clearance sale last month and I have zero idea what I'm going to do with this dolly army.

Finally, the glass dome atop the large wooden spool has rose petals and bud inside with a specimen tag that says "rosebud". Since this is sort like a collection of memories I thought it would be a funny little Citizen Kane reference. (I know rosebud wasn't a rosebud but you get it.)

And here's the list of bits used:
wooden cupboard
Artifact Labels
Worn Wallpaper, Tim Holtz
metal handles
metal angel feet
Ornate Metal Corners, Graphic 45
acrylic paint
Things to fill: wooden spools, pin, lace and ribbon, old papers, old buttons, thimble, key, glass dome, rose bud, Tim Holtz 'Salvaged Doll' and 'Story Stick'

Bonus vacation content: My gorgeous kid laughing at my expense when I drank too much rum and tried to order ceviche instead of cerveza. 

Drunk mum is both hilarious and embarassing.