Thursday, February 27, 2020

"The Board" Miniature

It's Thursday which means that a whole bunch of my favourite true crime podcasts release new episodes today. I am a big fat true crime fan and always been enamored with those boards filled with pictures, crime scene photos, suspects, victim profiles, maps and... of course... that red string. 

I know that these boards are mostly a fictional Hollywood tool, but the visual is just so darned appealing!

There are a number of full size memo boards overflowing with inspiration and slips of paper and bits of this and that in my house, so I decided that a mini version of a murder board would probably be more sensible.

I've used a cheap wooden 4 x 6 frame and cut a cork insert to create my mini-crime board.

The pics and clippings are all from my Killer Scraps collage sheet and the maps snipped from scrapbook paper. I cut about 1/4"off of the top of straight pins to use as the pushpins and wrapped red thread around them.

Are you a true crime fan too? Toss your podcast and book recommendations my way!