Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spooky Pillow Boxes with Petaloo and Graphic 45

ANOTHER project from the Petaloo / Graphic 45 blog hop today. Make sure to visit both of their blogs as they are giving away some amazing prize packs to celebrate and their products are absolutely scrummy.


I love working with the combination of Graphic 45 and Petaloo. Their products work so seamlessly together, complimenting each other perfectly.


This set of Halloweeny pillow boxes (which should absolutely be filled with sweets!) were created using the template found printed on the inside cover of Graphic 45's 8" An Eerie Tale pad.


And how deliciously spooky are those Petaloo black burlap blooms?!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to experiment with unusual colour combinations. Orange and purple may not be everyones cup of tea... but I think this orange filagree pattern paired with that purple Petaloo fat trim and Botanica blooms is fairly fabulous.


And who says that spooky can't be pretty? This Eerie Tale box, with it's little blossoms and purple baubles is pretty dang cute.

Want to make your own? Here's the supply list:

Burlap Blossoms, Black 1200-209Botanica Blooms Lav/Purple 1102-107
Spring Berry Clusters Lav/Purp 1105-107
Botanica Petite’s Peach 1101-106MixedTextured MiniBlossoms Black 1263-209Crochet Lace Fancy Trims 1482
Graphic 45: An Eerie Tale 8x8 Pad
An Eerie Tale Banners
An Eerie Tale Decorative Chipboard
An Eerie Tale Tags & Pockets

Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby chick day

We raise our own chickens and a new batch of the fluffy things arrived yesterday.

They are very cute, and very soft when they arrive, just a day or so old.

They peep, poop, peck and sleep.

They like to be warm and will huddle together in a big fluffy pile.

At this very moment they are living in our garage in a big wooden box with a heat lamp to keep them warm.

When they are hearty enough, they will be moved outside where they will live in a movable pen called a 'tractor'.  The tractor gives them access to fresh grass and bugs daily. This pen also keeps them safe from predators like foxes, hawks and coyotes and more. There are A LOT of things that like to eat chickens.

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is lovely xoxo

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just call me Chatty Cathy

Miss Tigerlily Cribbs asked me if I might answer some questions for She is a cutie-patootie, and lovely as can be, so I was happy to comply.

Some snippets:

What are your ultimate tips for aspiring artists trying to make it?
Be kind. Support and promote fellow artists that you admire.
Create every single day. Be prolific.
Remember, you’re allowed to say “no”.
Respect and value your own work.
Engage and appreciate your audience.

If you were a fairy, what would your fairy persona be?
I would absolutely be a house brownie. I’d steal sweets from the pantry but I’d also check on sleeping children and shoo mice away.

What do you think the art industry needs more of today?
Humility & sparkles.

What piece of your work would you most like to shack up in?
Probably “Leon’s Window”, because I have a huge crush on Jean Reno and we’d live there together of course (though I could do without the gunfire).  Or “Godefroy’s Bookshop” – because books!

What are your top 3 essential crafting products that you would recommend?
I represent some truly amazing craft companies and I love their products, but don’t ever think that you need anything more than a sharp cutting tool, quality glue and a bit of creativity to get started. Those are the essentials. You absolutely do not need fancy products!

The full interview can be found HERE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creepy Coffin Bottle Bag with G45 and Petaloo

It's blog hop week for Graphic 45 and Petaloo... two of my very favourite companies! Be sure to pop over and check them out for more great projects by my teamies and your chance to win some fabulous swag (seriously, their stuff is gorgeous!). On to my project...

I love Halloween. Perhaps part of that love stems from the fact that even grown-ups can play along and enjoy spookiness. Here I’ve created a gift bag that is just the right size for a bottle of something deep dark and red. Perfect for a grown up goodie bag or hostess gift.

Yep! That wine was made by Mr. Pixie!
The bag was created with two large coffin shapes, 12” tall, cut from An Eerie Tale > Gone Batty. The sides are strips of paper 3.25” wide with additional ½” flaps on either side that adhere the front and back coffin shapes. The bottom of the bag has a double layer to ensure the precious cargo remains safe.

For the handle I’ve attached a length of wide Fancy Trim from Petaloo. This is secured to the front and back of the bag, the ends hidden with embellishments like An Eerie Tale Tags & Pockets, An Eerie Tale Decorative Chipboard and Petaloo’s Burlap Blossoms

I’ve added some Alphabet Sticker Staples to spell out RIP to finish it off… because I’m spooky like that ;)

Don't forget the back!

Now get out there and make yourself something spooky.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

A new toy and the man in the moon

I was very excited to receive this box of goodies in my mailbox yesterday.

The folks at Chibitronics were kind enough to send me a starter pack, and the opportunity to play with their product. Woo hoo!

I had an idea tumbling around in my head and so I let the laundry wait, left the dishes in the sink, and set to work to making a mixed media man in the moon.

I created a circuit using the Chibitronics kit on my base, then poked various sized holes in the area of the lights in the covering sheet to shine through like little twinkly stars in the glittery night sky.

The verdict? Chibitronics is a lot of fun, and simple enough that kids would get a great kick out of using with minimal frustration. The sticker lights can be reused (yay!) and are pretty dang bright. Everything is powered by a small flat watch battery which takes up so little space I'm really looking forward to using them in some miniature projects and cards.

In other words... I will now place lights on ALL THE THINGS!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Silver Spoon Keepsake with Tresors de Luxe

Everyone around me seems to be having babies. Paired with the arrival of the very pretty collector's edition of "Baby 2 Bride" from Graphic 45 in my mailbox... well a baby themed something or other was inevitable.

Silver spoons have long been a traditional baby gift, often given as a Christening present. For some, the silver spoon was the first in a set of cutlery and other household items that would be accumulated as gifts over the years and given to the child when he/she left home.

For others still it may be given as a symbol of wealth or as a single precious gift. A keepsake.

And so I've created a little sort of shrine for this precious antique spoon so that it can hang on the wall rather than be tucked away and rarely seen.

I've surrounded it with fussy cut butterflies from Time to CelebrateParty Perfect
and Let's Get Together with snippets of Tresors de Luxe lace and flowers.

A tiny pink bow and tag finish it off.

Supply list:

Dusty Rose Fabric Shabby Chic Roses PF-018White Fabric Shabby Chic Roses PF-016White Organza Flower FL-059Shabby Chic Flower Embellishment with Wooden Beads FL-099Ivory Venice Lace Trim for Appliques GL-108Ivory Flower and Pearl Trim Vintage silver spoonCardboard
Pink ribbon
Graphic 45 papers: Baby 2 Bride—Deluxe Collector's EditionTIme to Celebrate > Party PerfectTIme to Celebrate > Let's Get Together

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Ho, ho, hoing in September!

It's only September but the Christmas orders have already started. These bitties are already sold, but I will have some listed a bit closer to the holiday season.

I think they are rather charming :)