Monday, November 07, 2011

The Stash-busting Foundations of Tinsel Street

I've been seeing those little sparkly Putz houses everywhere and I'm in love. Being a glitter-holic I jumped right on board and decided to make my own little glittery homes. Because I do everything with far too much enthusiasm, eyes closed and with both feet, I've got a dozen dreamy abodes on the go. There's a candy coloured Christmas village in my future.

The best thing about these wee places is that they're made from cut up cereal boxes and decorated (in large part anyway) with items that are sitting in my stash that have been largely ignored... except for the gorgeous butterfly sent by rackycoo *swoon*.

I realize that this is a Christmassy sort of post, but rest assured, although I'll be a tad coo-coo for Christmas early this year, I solemnly swear that I Remember in November also. Be sure you do the same :)