Friday, April 27, 2012

Goblin Pub Update

After a bit of a break I'm back to work on the miniature goblin's pub. The place now has a name "The Squirrel's End" and the exterior is coming along nicely.

The inside is giving me a bit of grief however. It's not turning out how I imagined at all. Things just aren't fitting no matter how much I force them (yes, I am aware that is exactly my problem).

I did add one thing to the interior that I like very much...

... a hatch door on the second floor! I have to add screw heads but I really like it. It doesn't close all the way (grrrr) but it can still be played with and I like that very much.

I also made some seating for the pub which was a giant struggle. I like how the twiggy things look sort of like antlers. The seat part is made from cork which I thought was appropriate for a pubby place. The little round pub tables? Well, there's graffiti on those :)

That's it for now. I'm hoping to have this done by next weekend for the Brighton Arts Council Spring Jubilee Art Show and Sale... fingers crossed!

P.S. Just a reminder that I'll be chatting over at the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group tomorrow at 4pm est. for their reproduction challenge. Come on over and I'll love you forever.



  1. Love the name! The chair is great. I am always amazed at how much detail you pack into such a small space. Looking forward to chatting with you tomorow.

  2. I nearly DIED when I read the name of the pub. It's wonderful, I can't wait to see more!

  3. Your pub sign is brilliant - you've got the font just right (of course), which people almost never do. And the two little tab-thingys make perfect decorations on each side.

    What does the graffiti say?

  4. Wulf: the graffiti includes random runes scratched into the tops, stars, the initials BF and the name Wendy... because I love the Froud's :)

  5. All the intricate and delightful. I love the "trap door" and the pub sign. And those chairs are so cute! What a wonderful imagination you have!

  6. Gosh! At first glance I thought you were opening a real big human sized pub! It's perfect. I can't wait to see the inside come together. I know you'll figure it out.

  7. this is absolutely wonderful! My wee little house is still in the box it came in...overwhelmed at trying to put it together..this gives me inspiration to try again.

  8. I agree - at first I thought you had designed a sign for a REAL pub - it's fantastic!! Trap doors are a necessity in a goblin pub I'd say - well done. And I'm now on the hunt for a craftsman that can make me a life size version of your chair. LOVE IT!!!