Thursday, February 13, 2014

Small starry nights and germs

There are a small things I believe would make life much nicer. No acne or pimples after age 30. If you go to bed tired your mind should not suddenly decide to fill with impossible ideas that prevent you from falling asleep. AND you should be allowed to overcome one illness before being dealt another. I'm sick getting again. AGAIN! I don't think I've had a single well day in all of 2014. Grrrrr.

Despite not being entirely well I did manage a little bit of work today.

A few little moony shrines with those happy little faces I made the other day. I think they are terribly sweet :)

Each of the exteriors are a different colour. I love the teal-ish green blue of this one.

These fellas are still drying so they won't be listed until tomorrow.

Until then, I'm going to drink hot toddies and get a big hot bubble bath. Germs hate bubbles right?