Thursday, September 03, 2015

Check out my fancy pants in American Miniaturist

I've been sitting on this news for a while and can now jump up and down and sing it from the tree tops...

My "Abandoned House" project from a couple of years ago is getting some love from American Miniaturist in their spooky October issue.

Here are the original blog posts about this project:


  1. Wowsers, Nichola!! Congratulations!!! I had missed this wonder in 2012 and am glad to see it now, and winning the accolades and admiration it deserves. Well done! Very eerie and cool...I want someone to come and fix up that poor lonely old place. Quite evocative. Love the broken windows.

  2. Congratulations on being published! The Abandoned House is fabulous (like everything you create), so kudos!!

  3. I made one of these several years ago for Halloween, too! I think the only difference is the window boxes. They could be twins.

  4. Oh my Congratulations Nichola!! Your miniatures are all outstanding!! Kudos to you on the great article and your artworks!!
    hugs, Jackie