Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another garden walk

I'm working away here and my space filled with shipping boxes so there's nothing grand to see indoors. Instead I'll share cheery pics from the garden this morning.

You know I'll never understand why some people can't stand to see dandelions on their lawn. I love the yellow things and think they look so happy and lively. AND they turn into wishes! 

Everyone is looking toward the sunshine this morning: the dandelions, the robins, and me.

This picture isn't the great but I thought I'd include it because it gave me a laugh that even animal mums look frazzled and grumpy in the morning without a cup of coffee.

Hope you're having a great day and looking toward the sunshine too.


  1. Great photos. Hey is that me in the last one? (Wink!)

  2. I don't mind dandies in the yard as long as they stay out of my flower beds but they are not that well-behaved. They have their place though. I'm more disgruntled with the tall invasive grass that is popping up in big patches all over our state of Michigan. Being about 8 feet tall and holding their seed heads until now is not a pretty sight. I'll take dandies any day.

  3. Beautiful photos and a very happy post! xx

  4. delightful post and lovely photos - wish we were that far along into Spring here!

  5. I can live with dandelions but the uptight neighbors complain. I battle something we call (in polite society ) Johnson grass. Very tall,totally invasive grass that's as indestructible as kudzu. Grrrr.
    At less these photo are cheerful. I've only seen rain for days.

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos; they make me happy:)