Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Miniature Funeral Carriage

Something a little dark but (I think) lovely today. A miniature funeral carriage, inspired by beautiful Victorian horse drawn hearses.

The Funeral Coach base is a chipboard kit available from AlphaStamps. Inside I've slipped a 6 Inch Coffin Box

Makers note: I actually didn't include the coffin lid and simply used the main part box upside-down. I trimmed the coffin height down as I was considering adding flowers, or a traditional funerary wreath to the top and was thinking of the available space.

The whole carriage is painted in matte black and gussied up with LOADS of black dresden borders. (I think I have a serious dresden fetish. It's like Franks Red Hot. I put that s**t on everything!)

I've also added loads of ornamental do-dads using Creative Paperclay* and this Silicone Mold - Architectural Flourishes. That particular material works really well with the matte black finish.

19mm Fancy Metal Drawer Pulls act as finials accents for the top. And there is the most lovely little Antique Brass Mini Trunk Lock on the back doors. 

Makers note: the rear doors aren't actually hinged in place. I am a horror show with hinges! They never seem to work well for me and I just make an awful mess. Since I don't plan on opening and closing those doors often, and they sit quite nicely without much fuss, I'm taking the totally lazy route and leaving them free.

I've lined the interior with Bright Red Suede Paper. If you're looking for a more 'authentic' feel, line that sucker in black. (I personally love the shock of red inside.) Finally, the windows. Many funeral carriages had swags of lush drapery inside but I was liking the 'clean' look of this little coach. I put together this Filigree Funeral Carriage Windows Collage Sheet with vintage fancy framework that can be printed on transparency sheets and glued into place. 

I'm smitten with this piece. It looks great on my mantle, and is a good size at somewhere around 10" x 6". Although it's intended as a Halloween piece, it'll stay out year round in my spooky old house ;)

Want to make your own?  
ALL THE BITS in one place

The list of individual bits:
Funeral Coach
Filigree Funeral Carriage Windows Collage Sheet
6 Inch Coffin Box
Creative Paperclay
Silicone Mold - Architectural Flourishes
19mm Fancy Metal Drawer Pulls
Antique Brass Mini Trunk Lock
Bright Red Suede Paper
Black Suede Paper*
12mm Flat Fancy Bead Cap - Bronze*
Baroque Dresden Borders - Black
Black Zig Zag Dresden Borders
Half-Round Dresden Borders - Black
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders - Black
Thin Looped Dresden Borders - Black


  1. I believe I have let too much time go by since the last time I told you how amazing I think you are! This is brilliant!

  2. What Amy said.... YOU.ARE.AMAZING

  3. so beautiful! really deserves its own little cloche showcase!

  4. Absolutely outstanding Nicola!!

  5. Holy Pickles! How do you continue to outdo yourself? And the transparency windows are brilliant.

  6. Simply amazing! You are a constant reminder of curiousity & creativity & bless you for sharing it with all of us!

  7. Wow and Wow. I absolutely adore this. Genius my dear girl.

  8. Now that I've picked my jaw off the desk...this is simple amazing. Every tiny detail is perfect. I live in the oldest Victorian resort in the US and I can imagine this rolling down my street from the funeral parlor. We do have horse drawn carriage rides in authentic carriages and they are white and lovely. But this is gorgeous as I am drawn to the dark side.

  9. it's amazing! just like Robin said :)

  10. Oh this is right up my dark alley!! filling my alpha stamp cart NOW!

  11. my cart is filled with morbid goodness thanks for this wonderful project !!

  12. Oh, this is just in time for my favorite time of year! I love it in all it's dark glory. I must get some music to go with it.

  13. Lovely work. What scale is the Funeral coach.