Monday, May 15, 2017

The Pretty Kitty

I've made something.

It's miniature.

It's rude and vulgar.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Klimt, journaling and the very good visit

It has been a nutty time here.

We lost power when the transformer blew up/self destructed beside the house. There were flashing lights well into the dark until power was finally restored... but wifi was not. Phone lines were cut during the repair (and I'm not a real grown up and don't own a cell phone)... so STILL NO WIFI! It was touch and go, but I survived.

The timing of the outage could have been much worse as my art buddy Paula Mould made a roadtrip to see me!

There was much (much) booze and glitter swords! And that outstanding Wonder Woman painting.

And birthday cake with sparklers.

Then it was down to arty business. Paula and I work very differently, and have different styles but we seem to accomplish sooooo much when together. We set paint to canvas to explore the work of Klimt and created the above paintings in the morning.

In the afternoon we divided a Gypsy Soul Art Journal, each taking half the pages. When done, we randomly stacked the pages together, alternating hers and mine and created something really cool!

This isn't a design team post but I gotta say, that journal was a lot of fun. It survived our manhandling. We abused those pages and it proved sturdy little son of a gun. The number of pages was perfect for us (as we aren't really journalers) and the variety was good too. If you've got a day or two with an art buddy, I highly recommend it.

Now to spend a few days recovering... because I'm old and cannot booze like I once did. But look at the fun we had! SO MUCH FUN! SO MUCH ARTING!

P.S. I these fluffy way too high heels arrived in the mail. They have nothing at all to do with this post BUT LOOK AT THEM!!!! My new life goal is to become a Ms. Piggy/Peggy Bundy hybrid. Yay!

Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Collector's Room Box

This month's theme at is "Collector's Room". The kit features a chipboard window to create a little scene within... but I've gone rouge err... rogue and created a collector's room with the new
Small Frame Shadowbox.

I wanted to create a space filled with bits that might have been collected on adventures, an assortment of oddities. A sort of kooky gentleman's library, or study.

Every gentleman's library needs books. These shelves are filled with them! Well... not really... they're simply facades cut from the Window Card Cabinets Collage Sheet.

Another 'must have' in a real gentleman's study is a stag head and the Mini Deer Head Trophy is perfect!

There are A LOT of amazing little oddities in my collectors room. All of the products used are listed below but some of my very favouites that deserve and extra shout out: Miniature Flying Bats, Pewter Candlesticks, Ceramic Gargoyle Bead and perhaps my favourite little bauble of all the wee Ceramic Red Devil Bead.

This wee American Crow ain't so bad either!

Here's the full list of supplies if you want to create your own collectors room, or if you just see something you might fancy.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Super Simple Earring Organizer

This project is sooo easy AND you'll be able to make three with as little as just one product! Are you ready?

I've simply taken Gypsy Soul's Decorative Screen, applied a coat of paint, added a length of ribbon, and created an organizer for my dangly earrings. This is a serious improvement over plonking them in my jewelry box and creating a tangled mess. I just used the cut areas to hang my sparkly fake jewels from.

The Decorative Screen comes with three panels, and my little organizer only uses one, so you can use the other two parts for gifts, to sell, or if you have a bazillion pairs of earrings, to keep all to yourself. I've created three in three different styles.

You could put all the panels together to create a complete screen to sit on your dresser but I really like the hanging ribbon that lets me cart my jeweled bits all over the place depending on where I'm getting myself gussied up.

I'm certain you don't need any guidance for this project, but HERE is a video for creating the above Steampunkish version of this project.

The only extra bit of advice I'll give is that it's probably best to be a little restrained in your embellishing if you want this to be a functional item.

The bare necessities you'll need for this project:
Decorative Screen
Acrylic paint
Length of ribbon

If you want to get fancy add decorative elements such as Flourishes, or any shapes that suit your fancy. Additional elements I've used are:
Faux Metal Number Plates
Faux Metal Number Plates 1 to 25
Faux Typewriter Keys Symbol Set
Gears Shape Set
Stackable Labels Shape Set

Now, go make something perfectly suited to you!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A tin can planter

I made a tiny something for my kitchen window.

It's just a tin can gussied with paper and canvas ribbon and filled with moss and pretty flowers... but it looks nice, especially on a drizzly day.

I hope you've been behaving yourself. I miss you.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stones and Small Sparks

I have a theory. 

I think that fairies start out as tiny sparks of energy and are sort of incubated within things like trees, seeds and rocks. They grow and form until they can no longer be contained and break free.

Every time I see a split rock I'm quite sure that another fairy has burst into the world.

There's something wonderful about those split rocks and the energy required to break them open.

There's a lot of them around here, those split rocks, and I wanted to do something to celebrate them.

I thought of painting an egg and a bird inside, or other things that fit together... but I decided to start with night and day. After all, that's how most creation stories begin.

And now... what? 

Perhaps I'll tie those pieces together with a length of golden thread and place it back out in the world.

Or maybe, just for a a little while, I'll keep night and day by my bedside as a reminder of the magic in small sparks of energy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A shrunken head

I've had a really great couple days creatively speaking. I feel motivated and WANT to work. Last night I completed three... THREE... projects, including this dude.

He's been sitting around here for about 2 years waiting to be completed and last night I had my way with that bad boy!

I'm pretty pleased with him. I like the age he has. That crusty dusty look was achieved with baby powder atop of wet paint. It's looks great... like aged grime and dust. 

He's made from this sort of light and foamy air dry clay that I distinctly remember hating but can't for the life of me remember the name of. I must have blocked it from memory.

Just some terrible foam clay, string, jute twine, faux fur hair, paint and baby powder and you have yourself a shrunken head that only took a bazillion years to make.

Now, he needs a name... any suggestions?