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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Holiday Shadow Pillow Boxes

Do you ever wake up with an idea? I do, then immediately forget what it is. But not this time! This time I an idea struck me as soon as I awoke and by george I made sure it stayed in there. Not only did I make it stick, I followed through and made the thing I thunk up!

I'm sure it's all the matchboxes I've been working on that inspired these shadow-pillow-boxes. Using the pillowbox template found on the inside cover of Graphic 45's 8" paper pads, I traced and cut out pieces from Christmas Magic, then simply cut a window from one side of the box before assembly.

You could put all sorts inside... a wintery scene, a photo of this years visit with Santa, a picture of your cat. I've opted for a simple sentiment cut from Christmas Magic, and more of the winged Santa's Little Helpers that are fluttering all over my studio.

I seriously love these wee fellows. They are utterly charming and delightful!

**SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: The wing transparency is available HERE. A download to print at home can be purchased HERE.**

I mean... come on... my teeth hurt from all the sweetness!

A paper sprig of greenery, some red holiday berries, a bow...

... and tah  da! You're all set!

Oh! I added a very sensible amount of glitter too.

NOW you're done.

Here's the list of goods I used to make these cute shadow-pillow-boxes.

Christmas Magic
I used the 8" pad for the boxes, the wee fellas were fussy cut from the 12" Santa's Helpers sheet
Wee Wings Transparency Sheet
Fancy Red Holly Berries Mix
1/4 Inch Red Holly Berry Stems
Green Ribbon
Waterfall Stickles
Clear glitter

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wee Pocket Folk Art Shrines


I know I've posted already, but I feel like this is my first REAL post of 2018, posted without any sort of obligation.

Are you excited about this year? I'm so excited. Last year (the year that shall not be named) was an absolute bastard right to the very bitter end. But 2018 and I are going to be BFF's. Already I've learned how to play Happy Birthday on the ukulele, and how to tie a bow tie, and I finished this sweet batch of tiny wee shrines...

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana

Here's a better look at some of them.

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Each of the wee things has a chipboard base which has been lined in vintage papers inside and decorative scrapbooking papers on the exterior. Inside, the bottom is lined with natural moss. The wee house is made of clay and was fired in a pit in the back garden at Pixie Hill. The toadstools are spun cotton and the flowers are paper. Each one measures around just 2" or so.

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana

I'll blog the tiny paper fairy shrines tomorrow, but you can sneak a look at them if you're a peeker like me.

I'm off to drink coffee and enjoy my day. I hope you have an amazing day too. 

P.S. I've missed you xoxo

Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Collector's Room Box

This month's theme at is "Collector's Room". The kit features a chipboard window to create a little scene within... but I've gone rouge err... rogue and created a collector's room with the new
Small Frame Shadowbox.

I wanted to create a space filled with bits that might have been collected on adventures, an assortment of oddities. A sort of kooky gentleman's library, or study.

Every gentleman's library needs books. These shelves are filled with them! Well... not really... they're simply facades cut from the Window Card Cabinets Collage Sheet.

Another 'must have' in a real gentleman's study is a stag head and the Mini Deer Head Trophy is perfect!

There are A LOT of amazing little oddities in my collectors room. All of the products used are listed below but some of my very favouites that deserve and extra shout out: Miniature Flying Bats, Pewter Candlesticks, Ceramic Gargoyle Bead and perhaps my favourite little bauble of all the wee Ceramic Red Devil Bead.

This wee American Crow ain't so bad either!

Here's the full list of supplies if you want to create your own collectors room, or if you just see something you might fancy.