Monday, October 09, 2023

Halloweeny: Spooky Wreath

Ok, maybe it's more cute than creepy or spooky, but the nice thing about Halloweeny is that that doesn't matter one pip!

This is made entirely with stash and DollarTree finds. I honestly just threw a bunch of stuff at it until I liked what I saw.

I started with a regular wreath frame from DollarTree and wrapped some burlap around that. Then covered the burlap with spanish moss. That completed my base.

On top of that I added pingpongesque eyeballs, plastic bones, leftover fake leaves and flowers from my crown making. There's a few googly eyes in there and fake spiders and ants crawling around. 

I cut lengths of tea-stained cotton and tied them together to make a 'ribbon' to hang my masterpiece. Finally, I used my hot-glue gun to make some spidery type webs which was quite cathartic given I'm usually fighting to get rid of those wispy bits.

Do you think I'll actually get some goblins and ghouls visit this year with this hanging on my door? If not, no worries, I don't mind eating all the halloween candy one bit.

Friday, October 06, 2023

Halloweeny: A Talisman

I was asked to create a protection talisman. A proper one. One that looked like it meant business. Of course I obliged.

It had to be small, and scary, and include some metal.

The thing about protective talismans is that they SHOULD be scary. Do you want a little puffy floof of a dog protecting your space? Or a snarling hell hound that drools and bares it's teeth to any potential interlopers up to no good?

And so I created a little skull, an emblem of death, yes, but also an emblem of old spirits, and ancestral protection. Atop the skull is a protective bindrune. 

A crown of 13 steel pins is ready to poke, stick and jab when need be.

There is natural wool poking this way and that, a natural protective material. Wool that keeps us warm. Wool that keeps us safe and dry. Wool that provides a homey safety. 

The final touches are a pinch of spanish moss. Often used to stuff poppets and used in revenge spells, but here it's a warning: 'I am prepared to seek justice if necessary'. There's red cotton thread with intention tied in it's knots. And finally a hand-forged iron nail. Iron being a strong protective material that repells the magic of others and keeps the holder safe.

What would you add to your own protective talisman? 

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Halloweeny - Baby Pinhead

I feel like I haven't properly celebrated Halloween in about a million years. So this year I'm putting in an effort and going to try to cram as much creepy into the season as I can. 

First up: Baby Pinhead

To be fair, my husband spied the creepy doll heads at the Dollarstore and exclaimed "BABY PINHEAD!". I was raring to go but then I couldn't find pins anywhere. Is there a pin issue I don't know about? Has Covid somehow led us to a national sewing notion shortage? No idea. 

The husband suggested that I use little nails instead. I scoffed "Ummm, he's called Pinhead, not Nailhead you plonker" but then I realized that the poky things in that dear cenobites head do look an awful lot like nails. So, nails it is.

Painting this little weiner-schinzle took way longer than I anticipated. You'd think a slap of white paint, a little shading, but those damnable squares took forever to get right. I tried to get the "pin" placement as close as I could to the original character design.

Once the wee dastardly face was done I wondered what the heck to do with him. Right now he's nestled atop a terrarium, a studded leather bracelet for a neck, and keeping an eye on my dining room. Maybe one day he'll sprout a body. Until then he'll wait patiently, no tears of course, they're a waste of good suffering.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Make a Super Cute Bookworm!

Do you know good_and_strange over on instagram? If not, you absolutly need to check out her wonderfully weird creations. Recently she posted a how-to for creating a pocket buddy. I was absoloutely inspired by that project to create some bookworms.

Can you even stand how cute this guy is?! Ugh. So stonkin' cute!

This project is far from perfect, but who cares! Sometimes you HAVE to make something fun and silly and imperfect. Basically, you NEED to make one. I don't make the rules.

Because I love you, and because the world needs more bookworms, I've made a video to encourage you to make your own loveable little buddy.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Altered Canvases

Recently, I joined an altered canvas swap. Take a 5" x 7" canvas, and add all sorts of glorious elements to make something pretty. It was just the thing to give me a kick in the inspiration. 

Wanting to play and experiment I ending up creating several canvases.

I added flowers, wax, lace, paint and just embraced the process of play.

How cute are these two?!

You can snag these canvases over on etsy if you're looking for a little mixed media piece for your space.

And if you're making your own altered canvas, I recorded a walk-through that you might find helpful.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Even more crowns!

Three faerie crown posts in a row! I know. I KNOW! But they've been so much fun to make and I'm not in the least bit tired of making them yet.

My last batch of crowns were snatched up super quickly. I hope that everyone who snagged one loves them. They were so such a dreamy bunch.

This weeks batch embraces violet, purple, plum, mauve, lilac and lavender. Ahhh, what a dream!

I *might* have even snuck a tiny fairy figure into one or two of them.

There are currently four finished purple crowns available for sale HERE. If you scoot over to that link you'll also see a listing for a custom order. Choose your colour, if you want mushrooms, if you want glitter... any additional requests you might dream up.... and I'll get working on a crown made just for you.

And if you want to make your own? Excellent! Jump over HERE and I'll show you how.

Hope you're well. Behave... but not too much.


Monday, June 26, 2023

More faerie crowns!

My last post included a video tutorial to create your very own faerie crown, but I had a few requests for finished pieces. They're such fun to make so I jumped at the opportunity to make more and create 6 finished pieces for sale.

They're all created in the same way. All chocked with faux flowers and leaves and wings. But all a little different and one of a kind.

Again, you can absolutely totally make your own fairy headpiece and I'd wager you'd do a magnificent job!

The video showing the process, step-by-step, can be found here.

While these ones are all purple and yellow and white... you could absolutely create ones in your favourite colours or to match your own colour scheme.

Hope you're having a beautiful day, and that good magic surrounds you <3