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Monday, November 19, 2018

Big Fat Christmas Greeting Matchbox

I think my forced break from crafting while I was on my trip kind of reinforced the notion that crafting helps to keep me sane. It quietens the world around me. Although I do feel like I'm playing catch up with laundry and dishes and cleaning... I've been thoroughly enjoying making things, and savouring the 'stillness' creating brings.

But enough deep thoughts! Can we talk about the Christmas Vintage 12×12 Paper Pad? It's from Stamperia and it is full of old Christmas charm. Here I've used some sweet chickadees and cut out a rustic winter scene. I've fussy cut loads of holly and berries too (fyi there's some great Christmas puddings and cakes in the collection too.)

In addition to the background sky, I've added some clear glitter to the edges of the buildings and on the tops of the hills. It think it catches the light just right.

The top corner has a nice grouping of chickadees and holly and baubles. 

On a side note, the chickadees are out in full force here! They peck at the feeders and make a huge mess on the ground below. It's all good though the snowbirds prefer to forage and clean up after them. The whole while we have blue jays who swoop in and squawk like maniacs. Seriously, you'd link such handsome fellows would have a beautiful strong whistle. Nope!

But back to beautiful things!

This scene is set in a nice fat  Big Chunky Matchbox with Window and topped with a wired bow.

Want to make your own? Here's the list of making!

Big Chunky Matchbox with Window
Christmas Vintage 12×12 Paper Pad
Christmas In The Village Tiny Houses (background)
Wired ribbon
Clear Glitter

*I am an absolute stinker and have no idea which holly paper was used on the exterior of the box but I CAN say that it can be found in the Christmas Paper section at AlphaStamps

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wee Pocket Folk Art Shrines


I know I've posted already, but I feel like this is my first REAL post of 2018, posted without any sort of obligation.

Are you excited about this year? I'm so excited. Last year (the year that shall not be named) was an absolute bastard right to the very bitter end. But 2018 and I are going to be BFF's. Already I've learned how to play Happy Birthday on the ukulele, and how to tie a bow tie, and I finished this sweet batch of tiny wee shrines...

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana

Here's a better look at some of them.

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana
Listed HERE

Each of the wee things has a chipboard base which has been lined in vintage papers inside and decorative scrapbooking papers on the exterior. Inside, the bottom is lined with natural moss. The wee house is made of clay and was fired in a pit in the back garden at Pixie Hill. The toadstools are spun cotton and the flowers are paper. Each one measures around just 2" or so.

Pocket Folk Art Shrines - Nichola Battilana

I'll blog the tiny paper fairy shrines tomorrow, but you can sneak a look at them if you're a peeker like me.

I'm off to drink coffee and enjoy my day. I hope you have an amazing day too. 

P.S. I've missed you xoxo

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Walnuts and Memories

I made this little Christmas in a nutshell while waiting for glue to dry on some other projects.

Wee Little Winter Walnut - Nichola Battilana

You never know what people will react to. Spend a week on something and no one bats and eye. Spend a few extra minutes and everyone loves it. I don't really mind though, especially when the reason for the reaction is because memories are revived.

Wee Little Winter Walnut - Nichola Battilana

A number of people said that they reminded them of German baubles that their parents or grandparents had decades ago. That's a nice thing.

Wee Little Winter Walnut - Nichola Battilana

I could see loads of conversations, people planning to make their own. "We need to buy walnuts!"

Wee Little Winter Walnut - Nichola Battilana

I'm all for encouraging a handmade Christmas (or just handmade in general really) so I cut into my holiday baking and cleaning time and put together a quick tutorial found HERE.

Wee Little Winter Walnut - Nichola Battilana

Below is a list of products I used. Feel free to substitute to create your own miniature masterpiece.

Hot glue
White glue
Frosted White Sisal Trees (painted them green) / aka Bottle brush trees
Wired Pine Needle Stems (or anything similar to cut into tree shape)
Flat-Back Gold Star Studs - 12mm*
Tim Holtz Mirrored Stars
Snowflake charms
Wee clay houses
Handmade Toadstools
Flower Soft
clear glitter
Buffalo Snow