Monday, January 20, 2014

221B Baker Street

It's not often that I create something for myself.

I've gone a little bit mental over Sherlock ever since watching the entire series while in my sick bed. Benedict Cumberbatch is now my newest imaginary boyfriend and I am smitten with all things Sherlockian. Since dear old Sherly (that's what I call him... we're besties) pulled me through my life threatening illness (not really but let's go with it) I thought I should commemorate and celebrate our relationship in some way. A keepsake just for me. And so, here is my altered Altoid tin of 221B Baker Street.

The numbers aren't perfect but that's ok. I didn't want to use printouts, just things I had on hand, so I bent some wire to create the tiny address. The two tiny round bits used for the locks are the heads off of jewelry posts.

The 'glass'  above the door is from a transparency that arrived in my last Alpha Stamps design team kit. The mail slot is a tiny snippet of gold dresden. The wallpaper? That's from Graphic 45's 12 Days of Christmas 6x6 Patterns & Solids Pad.

And the inside...

There's a lot going on in that little space. Some of the things that I've included are... a violin (very hard to see but you can just make out the bow to the right of the fireplace next to the stack of books), a stack of correspondence jabbed onto the mantle, a skull, famed specimen, a blue slipper for hiding ciggies (to the left of the fireplace), books galore, file folders, strewn papers, a framed portrait (in this case the face from a stamp).

The chairs (which are made from paperclay) have to be removed to close the tin. I'm sure with enough fiddling that I could make something that shut tight with everything in place, but since I made this just for me, well, I think this fine.

For a better idea of the scale, here's a penny for reference.

P.S. I would just like to add here that I am not entirely mental... just slightly. 


ETA: THANK YOU for all your kind words :) I'm overwhelmed by the reaction to my little tin. For more information about the possible availability/unavailablitiy of other 221B tins please see THIS POST

ONE MORE EDIT: A post of the 'new and improved' 221B tins can be found HERE

Friday, January 17, 2014

Graphic 45 Couture album and Fancy Aunties

On the Graphic 45 blog today you'll find a bazillion photos of this album (along with a gorgeous Sweet Sentiments album by the oh so talented Maria Cole).

As I have mentioned a few times, scrapbook layouts are not my forte. When Graphic 45 charged me with creating an easel album using Couture for CHA, I was daunted. I won't bore you with how many hours days this took but I very near wept when it was completed.

Going through my collection of old photos I found a slew that I knew would fit perfectly with the Couture collection. Fine ladies in lovely hats and period garb. I imagine these gals would have been rather feisty and a lot of fun. Like mythical aunties.

And because not all of us are lucky enough to have such aunties in our family tree, I put together a couple of collage sheets with the photographs I used. If you need a few old gals for your own layouts, the Fancy Aunties collage sheets available at Alpha Stamps.

Here's a few more photos from the Couture album.

Great Aunty Sybil was certain Georgina lost her wedding ring leaping from rock to rock across this stream.

Grandmother rose bush bore beautiful blooms and fiendishly mean thorns that longed to prick.
Always a model of style and civility, Auntie June was the subject of much envy and gossip.
Josephine confided in me that she longed for a scandalous coat of crimson.
Thank heavens for the entire Couture line of flowers, tags and banners. They certainly made the task a fair bit more pleasant. Want to see more? Hop on over to the Graphic 45 blog

Enormous Supply List:

Graphic 45:

Vintage Images: Fancy Aunties 1  • Fancy Aunties 2 

Patterned Washi Tape

 Petaloo Botanica Blooms - Cranberry/Amber/Orange
 Petaloo Vintage Trinkets Accessories
 Petaloo Embellishment Brads - Shades of White
 Buttons,  ScorTape,  Rubber Cement,  Tacky Glue

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pretty things, mojo and imaginary boyfriends

I think my crafty mojo has returned. I plonked myself down in the studio yesterday and was determined to stay there until something good came of it. And something did... but I can't show you. Well maybe just a peek.

This 'I can't show you' project is for a swap and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I joined an Artist Trading Block Swap over on craftster. Blocks of wood the size of an artist trading card + 1.5" thick are embellished and gussied and otherwise prettied up. There are several completed ones sitting here now as they are rather addictive and loads of fun to create.

Then, late last night I snuck back into the studio and continued to work into the wee hours. So, I do have a couple of items I can show off.

An Artist Trading Block and Altered Canvas using the oh so pretty Botanical Tea collection from Graphic 45 (which is just bees knees). Here's a better look at those projects...

Artist Trading Block Materials: block of wood, wooden doodads and bits, May Arts Ribbon, jute twine, Vintage Postcard Fairies Collage Sheet, Petaloo Textured Elements. Graphic 45 Botanical Tea, G45 Shabby Chic Ornate Metal Keys, G45 Shabby Chic Ornate Metal Key Holes acrylic paint, self adhesive pearls, Metallic Mini Brads

Altered Canvas Materials: 4" CanvasCorp Stretched Canvas, Graphic 45 Botanical Tea, vintage buttons, jute twine, Mini Red Pip Berry Garland, Petaloo Botanica Collection, Petaloo Mixed Textured Mini Blossoms
Today I'm working on boring old graphic design stuff (which isn't very fun at all) but I will have something quite nice to show off tomorrow. So please come back for a visit and a peek with a cup of tea and some nice cookies too.

Speaking of cookies... I believe I've gone and become a Cumberbatch fan girl. While on my sick bed I watched Sherlock and now I'm completely smitten with dear Benedict. *dreamy sigh* Have you seen Sherlock? Highly recommend it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The thing with creativity is that it breeds itself.

The more you do, the more you create, the faster the ideas come. When I create the ideas pound on my door, leap out of my stash, and nudge me awake. When I hit my stride there are not enough hours in the day to express all of the thoughts in my head. I can't pour them out fast enough.

But when I'm stopped in my tracks... well, the thing with creativity is that it breeds itself.

I've been sitting and waiting for it to return. Days and days of frustrated and idle hands. Those slow wheels are just starting to budge now. The familiar thrill is just a tickle at the moment and I miss the mad torrent frenzied mess making.

Perhaps a little push to start the momentum again. Some scissors, glue and paper. I'm really not one for making cards but it seemed the right thing today. A quiet day, creating cards from pretty papers.

I'm hoping these cards have done the trick and the mad mess making can resume once more.

Materials List:
Graphic 45 Botanical Tea
Core'dinations Card Stock
Ingvild Bolme Fly Away Resin Birds Set
Musical Note Washi Tape
May Arts Ribbons 
Petaloo Textured Elements
Self Adhesive Pearls

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Couture Loo

Before the holiday hub-bub I gussied up our downstairs loo with a bit of Graphic 45 Couture flair. I used items already on hand, spray painted them black to start with a coordinating base, then set to decorating.

You can find more home decor ideas over on the Graphic 45 blog today.

And here is the complete supply list for my little loo revamp.

Large framed pieces:
> Chic
Old metal frames
Black spray paint
White double matts

Small Oval Plaques
Self adhesive pearl accents
Small Wooden Plaques
Black spray paint

Towel Rack
Self adhesive pearl accents
Black spray paint

Friday, January 10, 2014

Enough with the tomfoolery 2014!

I've been sick.

2014 has been a ten day string of ailments and aches. Kidney stones, killer germs and other assorted ick-nastiness literally one after the other. My sinus' have been alternating between being so clogged I have to pathetically breath out of my mouth and so dry and clear it's painful to inhale. I'll spare you the details of the other disgusting tricks my body has been up to.

Anyway, I'm out of bed today and feeling a bit better. Thank the gods for hot tea, good husbands and sweet little boys who make their own school lunch because 'mum isn't well'.

Because I've been sick, A LOT of holiday clean-up has been ignored. This includes the tree.

Note the Nerf darts from the great Christmas battle of 2013

Once proud and springy branches are now pointing downward and ornaments sliding off.  The only reason there aren't more needles on the floor is because I haven't dared touch the thing. Mr Pixie has said it's now a fire hazard. It's so dry in here that he's sure that the itchy dog is sure to start scratching, creating a spark, setting the tree alight!

By the time I clear the thing it'll just be bare twiggy-ness.

The job must be done. Today. With tissue firmly up my nose, and a fresh pot of tea (maybe a tipple of whiskey too boot) I will clear this mess and hopefully, magically, put 2014 in it's place.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Speaking of looking back

One of the projects that I left off of my new year's eve post (and the one that actually got me thinking about my  favourite projects from 2013) was Typography Postal Station No. 45.

It's featured on today's Graphic 45 blog with a boatload of photos and full supply list.

Also on the Graphic 45 blog are some brand new Graphic 45 Staples sneak peeks. My absolute favourite are these...
They come in two sizes. The standard regular G45 tag size and... wait for it... ATC size! I recieved some in my design team package and they are sooooo stinkin' cute. Adorable even.

And I'm afraid that's all from me today. I'm doing battle with a kidney stone and I've no idea who is going to win.