Thursday, May 13, 2021

Lemonade and Tarot Freebies

So, there was a mishap with my printer.

As a result I have a huge stack of mini tarot sheets that are printed on the wrong card stock. There's nothing particularly wrong with them, they just don't meet my usual paper nerd standards. What to do?!

I've bundled these up into packages of 12 sheets and selling them with full disclosure that they are perfectly fine but not nearly as nice as my usual decks. 12 sheet for $12 including US/Canada shipping. Not a bad deal, and it's listed HERE.

Someone asked if these were suitable for use in resin and so I did a little test and they seem to hold up just fine.

Someone else suggested that the little cards would be great for journaling or keeping record of your tarot readings/journey.

I started to work on a layout and it occurred to me that some printable worksheets would be super freaking handy. And then I got carried away (as you do) and made 4 separate sheets.

I don't know about you but I use different spreads in my divination. Plus, variety is the spice of life as they say!

Below you'll find worksheets for logging 5 Card, Past Present Future, Classic Celtic, and Horoscope/Zodiac Spreads. I've made these to fit my little miniature tarot cards (but I won't tell on you if you use them to log your big tarot readings). Clicking on the images below should take you to the pdf file for you to download.

Seriously, how pretty is this Zodiac spread?!?!

A few notes:

• I don't include card interpretations with the layouts or cards. There are a zillion resources and books available for that.

• The same spreads can have loads of variations/interpretations. The Celtic Spread I've used here is the one that I've always known and appears in my oldest tarot books. BUT that doesn't make it it exclusively correct, or right, or the only way. You do you, baby! If you're more comfortable with another interpretation, use it. Anyone who tells you "This is the only correct way..." is full of malarkey. Yeah, I said it. Malarkey.

• You are welcome to print these off, use them, have tarot parties or classes with them... I only ask that you don't sell them, don't alter them, and don't pass them off as your own. Or else. Seriously. It won't be pretty.

The lesson? When life (or your printer) hands you lemons, make the best of it, make some lemonade and go totally overboard and carried away doing something that distracts from the massive pile of laundry that needs to be folded.

Want some wee tarot cards? Here's what's currently in my shop:

Have a super day you lovely weirdo!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Celestial Care Package

When AlphaStamps asked me if I'd like to play with some starry goods I immediately said "Yep!" I wanted to make something magic and mystical and toyed with a few ideas but nothing was gelling. Then I thought why just make one thing when I can create an entire package of items! And once I was done it felt like I'd been gifted magical care package directly from the stars.

I started with an inexpensive wooden box and covered it with Lucky Star Scrapbook Papers. The lid has layers of snips from those papers as well as clips from the Mini Alchemy Half Sheet and The Celestial Spheres Collage Sheet. Wonky Stars have been painted gold and copper and layered with brass star charms.

A few fussy cut butterflies and a smattering of Celestial Sequin Mix and Stardust Iridescent Gold & Purple Sequin Mix (both of which are swoon worthy!).

I played with papers and chipboard and sequins and charms until I had unexpectedly created a box full of celestial gifts!

A dreamy diadem, a crown made of paper and chipboard trimmed with Wide Scalloped Dresden Border and dotted with Celestial and Stardust Iridescent Gold & Purple Sequins.

Wax topped jars filled with stardust (disguised as sequins) and a pair of moon sequin earrings leapt off my worktable!

Those moony earrings? They are my faaaavvvourite. They're super duper lightweight and pretty. To make them I created dangly lengths of crescent moons with Iridescent Crescent Moon Sequins and small silver jump rings. Those were then attached to shepherd hook backs. Voila!

I had toyed with using the Sunburst Bronze Filigree to embellish my box, but it demanded something more. "I want to be seen! I want to stand out!" and so it became the base of this ethereal brooch. I added a pin to the back and brass stamped stars, moon and sun and a smattering of those Stardust Iridescent Gold & Purple Sequins to the front to complete the piece.

And somehow, I still wasn't done! Celestial fairy winged maidens appeared next.

I imagine they are nocturnal faeries that work strange magic under full moons...

under dark moons...

under stars...

and in dark places. 

They feel quietly helpful to me. The type of fair creature that would overhear your night wishes and, if so inclined, encourage them to come true.

All of the AlphaStamps bits for creating this celestial care package can be found HERE or, peruse the whole list of supplies below.

Lucky Star Spectrum Scrapbook Paper
Sunburst Bronze Filigree
Celestial Sequin Mix
Embossed Brass Star Charm
Lucky Star Polaris Scrapbook Paper
Lucky Star Fortune Scrapbook Paper
Lucky Star Orion Scrapbook Paper
Lucky Star Crescent Scrapbook Paper
Fairy Wings Collage Sheet
Brass Starburst Charm
Large 3D Brass Sun Charm
Fancy Brass Star Charm
Lucky Star 8x8 Paper Pack
5mm Star Sequin Mix
Iridescent Crescent Moon Sequins
Mini Alchemy Half Sheet
Mad Mystic Collage Sheet
Cobalt Blue German Glass Glitter
Wide Scalloped Dresden Border Set*
Small Man in the Moon Charms
Small 3D Brass Sun Charm
Lucky Star Nova Scrapbook Paper
Small Brass Starburst Charm
Wonky Stars Shape Set
Stardust Iridescent Gold & Purple Sequin Mix
The Sun Collage Sheet
The Celestial Spheres Collage Sheet
Lucky Star Kit - February 2021
Lucky Star Crowning Glory Chipboard Set
Moon Maidens Collage Sheet
Wooden box
Shepherd hook earring findings
Jump rings
Pin back
Acrylic paint
Glass vials/bottles
Adhesive foam squares

Now, off you pop! Go! Make yourself some magic.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Hello stranger! Tasteful Nudity and Bohemian ATCs

It's been a while. Life's been bumpy.

I've been making an effort to get back into creating over the past little bit. It's a difficult thing to get back into the swing of things when your heart just isn't in it. I know an awful lot of makers have been feeling the same way. 

I sat at my worktable and worked on nothing in particular, stared at my supplies until it drove me mad. Then, I cleaned my studio. I gave away boxes and boxes of stuff. "Is it really free?" Yes. Come get it. I just want it gone.

I sat at my worktable and worked on nothing in particular, again. 

And again.

Eventually, slowly, little things started to take shape.

A handful of ATCs of beautiful bohemian women dancing under moons.

I hope you're working on something too.

I hope your supplies aren't being jerks and driving you mad.

I hope things are really taking shape for you.

P.S. If you follow me on social media you'll know that my bestie, Padfoot, died in February. It was not unexpected, but the loss of him has been massive. There's a huge silent space in the house where he should be. I miss him. We all do.

R.I.P. Paddfoot
Aka Pads, Paddy, Padders, Paddykins, The Asshole

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Matchbox Record Shop - A Prototype

For a very long time I didn't listen to music much. Certainly not new music. Certainly not music outside of my comfort zone. When I was young I thought that music would forever be the heartbeat of my days. It would be ever present and thumping life along. Then there came a long period of silence and comfort in the familiar.

But there's a sort of revival going on inside my head right now. Tired of the silence and comfort, I'm enjoying the rediscovery of my heartbeat. Give me all of the new noises and caterwauling and poetry (good and bad)! No, I don't like it all, some of it is awful, but I am delighting in the revelations.

These past few weeks I've been pushing myself, not just in the music I've been listening to, but in my work too. I've continued to make those little vinyl LPs, striving to make them better and better, taking great satisfaction in the accuracy of those silly little things. 

Which brings me to this matchbox record shop. "MAKE IT SMALLER! MAKE IT BETTER!" my mind screams at me. "DO MORE, MORE, MORE!" While I don't usually like to be shouted at, right now I'm grateful for the inspiration momentum (plus it's my own head yelling at me, so it's not so bad).

This is just the prototype. There is loads of room for improvement (which excites me!) but I was so chuffed by these initial steps I wanted to share them and show them off.

Just a standard matchbox with little bits of cut paper and a few snips of plastic... but the results are sooooo stonking cute! I'm well pleased.

While I AM pleased with this wee version, I KNOW I can do better and my mind is racing with ways in which to improve. This is such a fiddly mother fucker, I'm also wracking my brain to think up ways in which I can make a simplified version that others can make without getting too frustrated.

So, this long winded post is just to show off, with nothing to sell, or teach, or link to. Just a post because I'm pleased with myself and want to share something that is making my heart beat at right this minute. Holy heck, I've missed that thumping.

*The sign I used for the record shop is from an actual record store that was located in New Jersey and has been closed for a number of years.

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Inspiration has struck. I'm not entirely certain where this idea is headed but I'm kind of loving it.

I've smashed up my favourite poets with some old timey bare knuckle boxers and wrestlers, and added wings (because that's what I do).

I love the idea of taking something generally thought of as soft (poetry) and mixing it with something strong and stout (boxing). 

And then I got to thinking - poetry often throws a punch. It can hit you in the gut. It can get you right in the god damn feels.

Boxers and poets and love and fairy wings. It's a nonsense combination, but in my head it all fits together.

Still in the thinking stages with these guys, but I do adore them. Some journaling perhaps? Maybe a collection  of ATCs?

The one thing I am absolutely certain of? Bukowski makes the cutest fairy of them all. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Baphomet can be cute, right?

Yeah, not everyone is cool with Baphomet but I think most anything shrunk to mini size is kinda adorable. 

Back in October (which feels like 3 years ago) I posted a project that included a couple of miniature Baphomet novena candles, The Diviner's Table. Follow that link and you'll find a tutorial for those red pillar candles and mini incense btw.

I've received a slew of requests for the Baphomet candles and finally got my act together and have some listed in my etsy shop over HERE.

God, two posts in fairly quick succession, what is going on? Is my mutha-flippin' mojo back?! Sweet baby Jesus, I hope so.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gloating and details. Morgan Wallen and Frank Ocean 1:12 scale miniature LPs

First and foremost HAPPY FLIPPING NEW YEAR! I've been totally slacking in my blogging and making but I have a good excuse... I haven't felt like it. I'm a stinker. What can I say.

Happily, something has kicked me in the pants and I've been back at it.

For a long while now I've been trying to make great mini vinyl LPs. I didn't want a paper copy printout of an LP, I wanted a cool little actual record looking thing. Finally, after a gazillion attempts (not even exaggerating) I think I've cracked it. Just look at these gorgeous little things!

I won't share my process just yet. It's taken me a good long while to figure this out for myself. I'll just sit on it for a bit and savour the craftgasm of my victory.

Super pleased with the LPs, really happy with the record sleeves, and the covers too. I'm just sickeningly pleased with myself to be honest.

The fact that the first wee albums I've created are double LPs is kinda a weird coincidence. I was psyched about it first because I thought "Great! I've got the template set up. It'll be a breeze!" Alas, when looking at the original big people versions the records slip inside in different ways. This one, Morgan Wallen "Dangerous", opens and the albums slip in beside the center fold.

The second wee album I made, Frank Ocean's "Blonde", the LPs slip in the ends of the cover.

I know. Who cares?! What difference does it make?

There are times when "it'll do" is enough. Other times paying keen attention to detail, putting in extra effort is part of the fun and gives an extra sense of satisfaction.

This flipping album drove me nuts. It was a rabbit hole I was not prepared for. There are like a million different versions of this thing! Coloured vinyl. White cover. This. That. The other. Why does this thing cost $2000!?! What do you mean it was only available for sale for 24 hours? Why the hell are bootleg copies $300+? 

If you ask me the process, the learning, the effort, all that stuff makes for a successful project even more than the actual result at times. But the best is when all those things mesh perfectly to enhance the result. 

Sure, most people wouldn't give a hoot about which way an LP slid into it's cover. BUT the people who love those albums would know. It's those details that tug at memories and heartstrings.

The image below shows the marketing pic for the original album on top, and my 1:12 scale reproduction below. Yes the toning is a little bit off but I'm so fucking pleased with myself. I AM GLOATING!!!!!

But what now? I've prepped about 100 little LPs for something.

I like the idea of creating a top 100 albums list in miniature. I got a look when I mentioned it, but I think it would be a fun challenge.

I also like the idea of creating small collections. Offering sets of three super cool albums in all sorts of categories: old country, ska, punk, new romantics, grunge, blues, blue grass, jazz.

Then I thought that maybe I'd create them as people made requests. 

I'm not sure. What do you think? Would you make a whole record shop? Or just a few mini-albums to carry with you always?

I hope you've been well, lovelies. I have missed you. I've missed making.