Friday, May 16, 2014

A place for St. Expedite

After breakfast has been rushed, the school lunch bagged, the dog sent to do his 'business' and the kid is shipped off to school, the house becomes quiet. I begin most mornings leaving fresh offerings, giving thanks and lighting incense for those spirits I am drawn to.

I often talk about St. Expedite. He has his own little page on my website. There's good reason for that, he's never let me down when I really needed help. Until now, my offerings of thanks have been placed on the counter. I wanted to create a special niche for him, away from the bustle of the house. And so I came up with this...

A little tin and glass lantern atop a large painted spindle. I'm hoping it patinas well. I've helped with the aging process by distressing the paint a little bit :P

Inside is just the right size for a small glass of beer and slice of cake, or some other token of thanks for saving my butt one more time :) Perhaps I'll find a small figure to place inside too.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A new camera for me...

I bought myself a mother's day present this year. (Cheeky!) A new camera. Because I am thrifty (read: cheap) I spent $120 on the floor model, then haggled $20 off because the lens cap didn't fit. One hundred dollars for a new snapper? Just call me moneybags.

I'm still getting used to the thing but there are things that I do not like about it... because it's bigger it casts a large shadow when trying to get close to my subject, it's heavier, the USB cord is too short, it doesn't focus where I want it to... BUT ....

... now I can take pictures of bumble-bees mooning me

Or get a snap of their shiny wings and fuzzy jackets while they are busy at work.

I can snap my dear Padfoot's mug and catch the crumbs and slobber on his sweet muzzle.

I shoot the moon in the night... or day!

I can take pics of feathered fellows without frightening them away.

Or shoot evidence of wild beasties from the safety of my kitchen window

And I can even take pictures of weeds that grow whiskers for whiskerless gnomes.

Perhaps it's ok afterall :)

Hope you're having a fabulous week! I miss you every day we don't chat xoxo

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clockless Moon Clock

I bought this broken clock/jewelry case a while ago...

I've had a kinda/sorta idea what I wanted to do with it but it's been sitting for ages waiting to be poked by a bit of inspiration. FINALLY, after much fussy and fiddling I've ended up with this...

I'm pretty pleased with the transformation but I can't help but feel it's missing one little something. What that something is, I have no idea but I'm sure that one night, months from now, as my head rests upon my pillow, just the right thing will shake me awake :)

The moon is rather pleased where he sits... so I know he's not the problem.

For now, I'll take my cue from him and rest, be still...

... loads of lovely things are born of rest and stillness and trusting just the right things will come along eventually.

Old jewelry box/clock
Alpha Stamps May "Springtime in Paris" Kit
Wood Mini Spools
Clock Keys
Mushrooms - Red
Cherry Blossom Garland
Pink Rose Garland*
Violet Cherry Blossom Garland*
Star sequins
Blue glitter
Handmade Paperclay moon
Tin Tart Mold
Pyramid brads
Watch hands

Friday, May 09, 2014

Pretty Botanical Tea Tags

On the Graphic 45 blog today you'll find a tutorial for these simple but pretty little tags made with the Botanical Tea collection.


This collection is so very lovely, how could I not pair it with this pair of old photographs? I think they'd make perfectly shabby ‘thank you’ tags for gifts and special packages.

I think they'd be especially nice attached to brown paper packages tied up with string ;)

Supply List:

 Ink pad
 Self adhesive pearls
 Jute Twine
Vintage photos

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Stationery Box for Nan Whit

My grandmother is quite spritely for her 80+ years. She’s a jet setter, a facebooker, and can cut a rug like no one’s business. She also still writes letters. She sits with pen and paper and writes to her friends and family, even when she’s vacationing across the great big sea. 

So I thought that it would be rather nice to surprise her with a pretty box filled with handmade cards, envelopes and stamps in celebration of Mother’s Day.

I’ve filled the box with a bundle of simple cards created with Sweet Sentiments with envelopes to fit. Some lightly embellished Artist Trading Tags are affixed with Small Square Glassine Envelopes, filled with stamps. Everything my granny will need to keep in touch with her friends back home as she sits and suns by the pool ;)

There's loads more photos and a walk through to make this box over on the Graphic 45 blog today.


Botanical Tea:
 white ribbon
 jute twine
 faux pearl
 white acrylic paint

Friday, May 02, 2014

Authentique/Petaloo Beach Memory Keepsake

It never fails that when my family visit the beach we come home with some sort of souvinier. Sea shells and pretty stones, little things that mark the memory of our adventure. While pondering a summer/beach themed project I thought of the memories sparked by those little treasures and decided to give them a proper keeping place.

With an altoids style tin I've embellished the front with Authentique's "Guide" from their Anchored collection. 

Pretty white Forget Me Nots are paired with Botanica Petite’s in blue and accented with a tiny bit of Fancy Trim. All of those pieces come together with Sea Shell Pin accessories.

 Finally, a few sea shells are added as accents. The sides of the tin are embellished with strips of "Cruise".

Inside the tin is where we keep our memories safely tucked away.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that four little glass vials can fit snugly inside! Fill with small beach memories.

Using Authentique "details" stickers on the little glass vials, you can add the location and date that your beach findings were collected. Or, you could always fake it like I have and use Petaloo's bag of Sea Shells.

A few more stickers inside for the finishing touches and Voila! You've got a tidy little tin to keep your beach memories safe :)

Hop over to the Petaloo and Authentique blogs this week for some more great beach/summer themed projects and a chance to win fabulous products from these amazing companies :)

Supply list:
Forget Me Nots - White 1837Sea Shell Pins 1433
Fancy Trims - Taupe 1910
Botanica Petite’s - Blue/Purple/Green 1101Sea Shells
Authentique PapersAnchored Collection
> "cruise"
> "guide"
> "tranquil"
> "details"
OtherBlank Altoids TinCorked Vials

Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Day Blessings

May 1st, or May Day, is said to be one of the days in which it is possible to spy the little people.

It's also the day that young ladies in white are donned with flower wreaths and proclaimed "Queens of May" and dancers frolic with ribbons around the May Pole. 

And all of this to celebrate the life of spring, the coming of summer, and high hopes of for a fertile harvest in the autumn.

Here's hoping your May Day is filled with beauty and your revelry brings you a bountiful harvest.

This piece is listed in the etsy shop HERE