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Monday, June 03, 2013

Masked Bandits

 I created these winged fellows for Alpha Stamps this month. They're hosting a "peek-a-boo" swap to coincide with this months Black and White Silhouettes Kit.

They measure 4"x4". The wings are from my Just Wings Collage Sheet, printed on transparency. The antenna are finely cut pieces of paper.

The inspiration? A couple of weeks ago I watch a movie called The Fall and quickly fell in love. Stunningly beautiful, absolutely wonderful and immediately one of my very favourite things. With bandits, adventure, love and revenge... how could I avoid being inspired?! And so, I've been putting masks on just about everything with a face over the past two weeks.

Fair warning: if you decide to watch this film for yourself (and you totally should) prepare for tears. Also, the leading man, Lee Pace, is kinda dreamy so you might find yourself with a new imaginary boyfriend too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Graphic 45 Altered Birdsong Tags for Manly Men

Again with the masked bandits? Yep. But hear me out on this one...
I created this altered art tag for my husband as a card alternative. He’s not really a ‘card’ person (many men aren't) but he just might keep this hanging around. 

As an added bonus the back has a pocket filled with treats just for him: homemade pie of his choice, total control over the television remote for the day, some art from the kiddo, and maybe I’ll sneak a gift certificate in there too.

And because I know you have a manly man of your own who might not appreciate those pretty cards you make, here's a step-by-step to knock his too 'cool-for-school' socks off...


Graphic 45 Papers:

Bird Song Jasmine Dream
Bird Song Bird Song

Stamped Metal Tags


May Arts Ribbon

Jute Twine


Gold Dresden Trim
Rubber cement

White Glue

E6000 adhesive

Tacky Glue

And because I love you... Download the COLLAGE SHEET

Here we go...

Using a tag from the Graphic 45 Staples Large Tag album as a template I cut out two paper tags from complimentary papers Bird Song Jasmine Dream and Bird Song Bird Song. From the paper which will embellish the back of the tag, I removed 2.5” from the bottom.

I used rubber cement to adhere the papers to the tag. To use rubber cement apply a thin coat to both sides, align and press.

On the back of the tag, avoid applying rubber cement to the lower 2.5”

 When both the back and front of the tag have been covered I sand all of the edges to ensure there is a smooth, clean edge.

Next I darken and grunge the edges using thin layers of acrylic paint. I use multiple layers and apply this to both sides of the tag until the desired effect is achieved.

Now I apply some white school glue and brush it to an even layer. 

I sparingly sprinkle some fine glitter powder which coordinates with the background paper. Wipe any glue or excess glitter from the metal ring and set the tag aside to dry.

While the tag is drying I cut out the vintage gentleman, his mask, and a crown shape. I darken all of the cut edges using an old stamp pad. Download the COLLAGE SHEET HERE.

I assemble them, using Scortape to adhere the ribbon. (Scortape is AWESOME for applying ribbon - highly recommend).

I gather all of the materials needed to create the top name-plate on the tag including an Ornate Metal Label Holder and Stamped Metal Brads

I edge the cut title with a stamp pad, remove the brad heads from their backings and bond them to the label holder using E6000 adhesive. The pieces look like this when assembled.

When the tag is dry, I score a line 2.25” from the bottom and apply score tape to the side edges. This will be folded and form the back pocket for the tag.

I adhere the vintage gentleman to the front of the tag and ink the edges once more.

Final embellishments are added to the back of the tag. Here I’ve layered a tag from the Bird Song Chipboard Die-cuts 1, a metal tag and an ornate key, adding metal brad heads to finish off the back of the piece.

The label plate is applied to the front of the piece and a coordinating May Arts Ribbon added.

 Finally, fill the pocket with tags from Bird Song Tranquility

 And that's it! Easy peasy, super cool, and extra manly. If you make your own I'd love to see it. Shoot me a photo of your own manly Graphic 45 tag. Happy messy making!

P.S. You can also view this tute on the Graphic 45 blog along with sneak peeks of their newest line, Typography.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So long 2013

It's been a funny year. I lost my job, joined the Graphic 45 design team, got published, gained weight, laughed, ate, drank, and was quite merry through it all (except the job part... that stunk). We survived the great ice storm with only a tiny bit of power loss and no mail for almost 2 weeks (gasps!) ... but we survived, and gaily so. We're fortunate. We know it.

Tomorrow a bright and shiny new year begins. Truth be told, I'm not really one for the New Year hub-bub. I don't make resolutions or mark the occasion in any special way. I may watch the telly and sip on some bubbly at the appropriate moment (although any moment is the appropriate moment for bubbly) but that's about the extent of it. Really, I'm always hoping that the nice things in life snowball. That the good gathers momentum and grows... forever and always, not just the new year.

I thought perhaps I would take a look at some of the work I completed in 2013. I produce quite a bit but I don't often look back. I think that prevents me from getting too sentimental and makes it easier to let go. On the other hand, sometimes its nice to reminisce, so here are a few of my favourite projects from the past year in no particular order...

A Starry French Country Shrine One of the very first things I created as a Graphic 45 design team member and also one of my favourites :)

 "Chook in the snow" An acrylic painting of one of our hens pecking at scratch in the snow.

  A story told through a series of miniature letters, abandoned here and there for strangers to find. I never did post the whole story on the blog... hmmm.

 A paper butterfly tree made with all sorts of goodies from Alpha Stamps and Graphic 45.

Toadstools of the Giant Variety These weren't very pretty come fall but they were amazingly intact considering the 5 months of weather they had endured.

Lovers Memento For someone who isn't very romantic I do sometimes get quite broody and dreamy and long for sweet nothings to whispered.

The Borrowers Box I created this piece for a craft challenge then abandoned it at my local library. I never did hear from it's finder. I hope they liked it.

The Wild Little Things I'm still not done with this series of photographs (despite being bitten by a tick and convincing myself that I would die from Lyme disease while shooting).

Sugar Plum the largest single piece I've ever worked on and one of my favourites.

A Big Bright Moon Another piece from my December show. It's one of my favourites because it seemed people couldn't help but stick their heads inside for a better look.

A small space This last piece may seem a bit silly but it's one of my favourite pieces. There's so much jammed into that little space. The mousetrap is one of the smallest things I've ever made and I was just terribly proud of it.

It seems impossible to me that these projects were created over the past 12 months. It feels as though years have passed for since some of them were created. What was your creative year like? Do you set goals for the future? What do you hope the new year will bring?

Anywho, don't stay up too late tonight. Don't drink and drive. Have a very happy New Year and all that jazz and I'll see you 2014!